Zecha Hartmetall-Werkzeugfabrikation GmbH

Website: www.zecha.de

ZECHA Hartmetall-Werkzeugfabrikation GmbH has been a pioneer and trendsetter in the field of micro cutting, blanking and forming tools for over half a century. The company's origins in the chronograph industry can be seen not only in its uncompromising specialisation in the production of miniature tools of the highest precision, but also in its special tool solutions.
Precision and quality are key for the international employment in different industries, such as, for example, in medical and dental technology, the chronograph industry, automotive industry, or in tool and mould making.
Experts in the company's own research and development department are constantly developing ground breaking geometries and tools for sophisticated applications and cutting-edge materials.
In addition, tool reproducibility is also guaranteed even for years on account of the life number stamped at the end of the shaft of every tool. 
Modern CNC machines, high-end measuring and testing technologies and carefully selected hard metals from leading manufacturers as well as an intensive cooperation with our customers and partners ensure the exceptional perfection of our Tools.
ZECHA PRECISION TOOLS LIMITED in India (previously Dagger Master Tool Industries Limited established 1980) is an Indo German Cooperation with ZECHA Hartmetall-Werkzeugfabrikation GmbH since 1999. Together the group has over 80 years of manufacturing expertise in round micro tools for milling and drilling. With over 250 associates and the latest generation CNC multi- axis grinding machines, highly sophisticated quality control and leading edge innovation, your precision and consistency is guaranteed.
ZECHA manufactures products that meet the highest quality demands. As an accredited company according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2015 quality management is firmly embedded in all processes at ZECHA and this ensures a consistent high level of quality.

Zecha product includes:

  • STANDARD TOOLS. Micro cutting tools with µ-tolerances. An extensive ZECHA range of milling, drilling, grinding and sawing tools can be provided from stock and gives our customers a multitude of high-end production aids within the shortest possible time. Minimum tolerances in a concentricity of 3 µm as well as geometric accuracy and diameter of each 5 µm are the world we work in and can be delivered from stock.
  • SPECIAL TOOLS. If even more special and tricky tasks need to be solved, ZECHA develops special solutions that are tailor made to the respective application and can be replicated many years afterwards.

ZECHA offers an extensive range of DIN 9861 and ISO 8020 compliant blanking punches, preliminary stages for blanking sleeves, guide bushes and semi-finished products
  • HIGH QUALITY DIN/ISO STANDARD RANGE IN STOCK ZECHA. offers the extensive range of DIN/ISO compliant tools in high quality paired with prompt and uncomplicated delivery. Cylindrical DIN parts such as punches and sleeve blanks are available direct from stock. They comprise the DIN 9861 B compliant solid carbide punch or DIN 9861 D compliant solid carbide punch with countersunk head of steel or the ISO 8020 A compliant variant with a cylinder head of steel. ZECHA also offers solid carbide blanking sleeves from a diameter of 1.1 mm with a waste stop and as sintered blank according to works standard and with starting hole.
  • SPECIAL SOLUTIONS. Blanking parts in micro format are required in numerous industries, but it is not always possible to fall back on standard tools. Two thirds of all the blanking and shaping tools we manufacture therefore count as special tools. And yet, ZECHA is primarily a service provider and problem solver, especially where the vertical range of manufacture of our customers ends.