Karl Hermann GmbH is situated in Leonberg, close to Stuttgart, since its foundation in 1946 has stood for precision and reliability.
In the early years as a supplier for the automative industry, then in the sixties Karl Hermann began with the production of toolholders for milling-machines, which they nowadays manufacture in a very large and deep spectrum.
From their domestic market in Germany they also export with increasing volume into 17 countries, mostly european.
In 1997 they established a 100% subsidiary production plant in overseas. In this subsidiary they manufacture according to their production plans and quality manuals semi-finished toolholders on modern CNC-machines. These semi-finished products are finish-ground in Karl Hermann plant in Germany, where they also manufacture specials and customer-specific parts for machinery divisions.
This concept of production enables Karl Hermann to offer high-quality toolholders at international competetive prices.

KFH product includes:
- Tool Holders DIN 69871;
- Tool Holders MAS-BT/JIS;
- Tool Holders DIN 2080;
- Tool Holders Deckel SK40 S20x2;
- Tool Holders Morsetaper KM;
- Tool Holders DIN69893 (HSK);
- Tool Holders DIN 69880 (VDI);
- Collets; sleeves, adapters;
- Accessories