YAMASA manufactures roller burnishing tools and fully automatic roller burnishing machines. The continuous development of technology combined with ongoing personnel training and development has contributed greatly to YAMASA’s remarkable growth and expansion of its product offering. YAMASA is a world leader in its field and provides ideal solutions for customers worldwide.
YAMASA tools and machines are used in various sectors like Automobile Industry, Aircraft Industry, Machine Production, Agricultural Vehicles, Shipment Building Industry, Railway Industry, Lightmotorized Two Wheeled Vehicle Industry (ex. Motorcycle, Bicycle), Heavy Work Machines, Heating and Cooling Industry, Electronic Household Goods (ex. Washingmachine, Refrigerator) and Defence Industry.
YAMASA Roller Burnishing is a method to make the workpiece, which has passed through the pre-machining, smooth and hard. It is possible to process any kind of metallic material by using this method. The roller burnishing is done by contacting of the rollers on the surface of the workpiece by the help of a precision mechanism. When such a contact is obtained, the workpiece or the tool 
turns at a specified speed, then the rollers go forward on the workpiece's surface by rotation. In addition, a pressure is applied on the surface of the workpiece with a certain force thus the process of roller burnishing is achieved. The effects that occur at the point where a single roller is contact to the surface of the workpiece are as follows;
The contact of the roller to the workpiece is obtained by pressure. At this point, while the protrusions on the surface are being pressed, the gaps in bottom are filled up simultaneously. This process that we call as plastic deformation is repeated as long as the rotation, pressing and feeding continues. Therefore the smooth and bright surfaces are obtained.The feeding speed of roller and the pressure applied on the workpiece is defined according to the surface roughness which is required to obtain. The roughness values decrease by slowing down the feeding speed and increasing the pressure. On the contrary, while the pressure decreases and the speed of feeding becomes faster, the surface roughness values will increase.

YAMASA product includes:

— Internal Roller Burnishing
— Diameters
— Developed System
— Sample of Application
— Order Requirements
— Internal Micro Burnishing Tools
— External Roller Burnishing
— External Micro Burnishing
— DS Diamond Burnishing
— SX Single Roller Burnishing
— RX Single Roller Burnishing
— RXS Single Roller Burnishing
— Multiple Head Burnishing
— Taper/Flat Burnishing
— Combined Skive-Burnishing
— CX-R / DX Skive-Burnishing
— CX-CS / CDX Skive-Burnishing
— Roller Burnishing Machines