Wagner Tooling Systems.

Wagner Tooling Systems specialises in the production of precision tools for use in the efficient production of external threads and special production stages such as beading, crimping, knurling or rolling-in. Here you will find information about our latest projects, new products and company news.
New toolpieces and machines were developed under the management of his sons, grandsons and great-grandsons. Since 1994, Wagner thread cutting heads, thread rolling heads and thread rolling attachments have been produced in Pliezhausen in Gustav Wagner's same well-proven, sturdy and robust premium quality since then.
HN Metallverarbeitung has found the "right" tool for itself in the tangentially operating thread-rolling attachment supplied by Wagner Tooling Systems, which fulfils the required process safety in particular. Moreover the solution provided by Wagner offers to the contract manufacturer also a distinctly improved quality of the knurls in case of long roller operating time as well as a significant time and financial savings potential.
Products product includes:
  • Cutting Heads
  • Thread Rolling Heads
  • Thread Rolling
  • Attachments Multi-Cutter
  • Turning Heads Driven tools