SIMTEK Präzisionswerkzeuge GmbH

SIMTEK Präzisionswerkzeuge GmbH was founded in 1994 and stands for high quality carbide precision tools with high performance ability. As a central part of the SIMTEK Group, SIMTEK is dedicated to developing, producing and selling high performance carbide tools for metalworking.
Simtek specialized in Grooving having a rich experience in precision grinding to make very accurate grooving tools.
The superb performance is a result of bring quality of carbide and exclusive coating selection.
SIMTEK stands for high quality carbide precision tools with high performance ability. The standard range of tools includes 11.000 tools for grooving, turning, milling, broaching, thread whirling and polygon milling applications. The standard range starts with small part machining tools for applications in bores as of Ø 0,3 mm (0.012“) and goes up to multirow, highly complex disc milling cutters with a diameter of 200 mm (7.875“).
Besides product-related values like quality, innovation and performance, SIMTEK also stands for reliability, fairness, honesty, team spirit and permanence.

SIMTEK product includes:

— Groove turning Insert
— Groove Milling
— Slotting Cutter
— Solid Carbide Miniatur tools
— T Slot cutters
— Broaching
— Polygon Milling
— Thread Whirling
All products supported with wide selection of Tool Holders.
Turning tools - SIMTURN
For external grooving, side turning, copying, internal grooving, circlip grooving boring, ultra-small boring from 0,3mm diameter, face grooving from 6.2mm minimum diameter, relief grooving, threading and back boring 
Groove milling tools - SIMMILL
For groove milling, thread milling and fine boring.
Cutting tools - SIMCUT
For broaching, thread whirling & polygon milling.


SIMTEK products:

D14.0016.30 ST
MK2.A.TM16. R
MK2.A.TM12. R
G M5X16 T20T
A07.1.000.ME ST T
A07.0023.ME ST T
A08.0.625.ME ST T
A08.0.750.ME ST T
A08.1.000.ME ST T
A10.1.000.ME ST T
D10.0016.24 ST
D10.0.625.24 ST
P12.0300.02 G GT42
P12.0300.02 G X800
TC4.008.10.010 YE R HT45
TC4.008.10.010 YE R X808
TC4.008.10.010 YE L HT45
TC4.008.10.010 YE L X808
TC4.030.10.010 YE L HT45
TC4.030.10.010 YE L X808
TC4.030.10.010 YE R HT45
TC4.030.10.010 YE R X808
TC4.050.10.010 YE L HT45
TC4.050.10.010 YE L X808
TC4.050.10.010 YE R HT45
TC4.050.10.010 YE R X808
TK2.G.050.10.020 YEL X408
TK2.G.050.10.020 YEL X808
TK2.G.050.10.020 YER X408
TK2.G.050.10.020 YER X808
TK2.G.030.10.020 YER X408
TK2.G.030.10.020 YER X808
TK2.G.030.10.020 YEL X808
TK2.G.008.10.020 YEL X808
TK2.G.008.10.020 YER X408
TK2.G.008.10.020 YER X808
A05.8H25.15.52.05 YS R X800
A06.8H30.15.62.15 YS R X800
A05.DB24.15.50.20 YR GN39
A05.DB24.15.50.20 YR X400
A05.DB24.15.50.20 YR X800
A05.DB24.20.50.20 YR GN39
A05.DB24.20.50.20 YR X400
A05.DB24.20.50.20 YR X800
A06.DB29.15.60.20 YR X400
A06.DB29.15.60.20 YR X800
A06.DB29.20.60.20 YR GN39
A06.DB29.20.60.20 YR X400
A06.DB29.20.60.20 YR X800
A07.DB34.20.70.20 YR X400
A07.DB34.20.70.20 YR X800
A07.DB34.25.70.20 YR X400
A07.DB34.25.70.20 YR X800
A07.DB34.30.70.20 YR X400
A07.DB34.30.70.20 YR X800
A04.DB19.15.40.20 YR GN39
A04.DB19.15.40.20 YR X400
A04.DB19.15.40.20 YR X800
A04.DB19.20.40.20 YR X400
A04.DB19.20.40.20 YR X800
V06.ST40.020.22 Y X800
U06.ST40.020.18 Y GT42
U06.ST40.020.18 Y X800
E 16.1-4 IC R
TH2.3208.A18.11.15 R
TH2.3208.A18.11.20 R
A08.DB39.25.80.20 YR X400
A08.DB39.25.80.20 YR X800
A08.DB39.30.80.20 YR GN39
A08.DB39.30.80.20 YR X400
A08.DB39.30.80.20 YR X800
A06.DB29.25.60.20 YR X400
A06.DB29.25.60.20 YR X800
A06.DB29.30.60.20 YR GN39
A06.DB29.30.60.20 YR X400
A06.DB29.30.60.20 YR X800
A05.DB24.25.50.20 YR X8400
A05.DB24.25.50.20 YR X800
A04.DB19.15.40.15 YR X400
A04.DB19.15.40.15 YR X800
A04.M070.01.15.32 MR X800
V28.0120.02.09 G GT42
V28.0120.02.09 G X800
TF3.01.0400.020 NSR X800
TF3.01.0400.020 NSL X800
TF3.01.0400.040 NSL X800
TF3.01.0300.040 NSR X800
TF3.01.0250.020 NSR X600
TF3.01.0250.020 NSR X800
TF3.01.0250.020 NSL GT41
TF3.01.0250.020 NSL X600
TF3.01.0250.020 NSL X800
TF3.01.0200.020 NSR X600
TF3.01.0200.020 NSR X800
TF3.01.0200.020 NSL X600
TF3.01.0200.020 NSL X800
TF3.01.0150.020 NSR X600
TF3.01.0150.020 NSR X800
TF3.01.0150.020 NSL X600
TF3.01.0150.020 NSL X800
TF3.01.0100.010 NSR X800
TF3.01.0100.010 NSL X800
TF3.01.0400.040 NSR X800
A08.DB39.20.80.20 YR X400
A08.DB39.20.80.20 YR X800
A10.0022 T
TK2.G.150.005.045 NS L X808
TK2.G.150.005.045 NS R X408
TK2.G.150.005.045 NS R X808
TK2.G.200.005.060 NS L X808
TK2.G.200.005.060 NS R HN39
TK2.G.200.005.060 NS R X408
TK2.G.200.005.060 NS R X808
TK2.G.250.010.070 NS L X808
TK2.G.250.010.070 NS R X808
TK2.G.300.010.070 NS L X808
TK2.G.300.010.070 NS R X808
TK2.G.150.005.045 NU L X808
TK2.G.150.005.045 NU R X808
TK2.G.200.005.060 NU L X808
TK2.G.200.005.060 NU R X808
TK2.G.250.010.070 NU L X808
TK2.G.250.010.070 NU R X808
TK2.G.300.010.070 NU L X808
TK2.G.300.010.070 NU R X808
D10.0238.00.10 GR GN39
D10.0238.00.10 GR X800
D10.0238.00.11 GR GN39
D10.0238.00.11 GR X800
F10.0500.02.14 B X800
D14.0012.20 HM
D14.1215.07 AL GN39
D14.1215.07 AL GT45
D14.1215.07 AR GN39
D14.1215.07 AR GT45
A06.0198.35.62 GR X800
TOA.E60.19.04 R
TOA.E60.19.04 L
TK2.G.UN14.02 EMU L X808
TK2.G.UN14.02 EMU R X808
TK2.G.UN16.02 EMU L X808
TK2.G.UN16.02 EMU R X808
TK2.G.UN18.02 EMU L X808
TK2.G.UN18.02 EMU R X808
TK2.G.UN20.02 EMU L X808
TK2.G.UN20.02 EMU R X808
P06.1118.14.12 M GN39
P06.1118.14.12 M GT42
TK2.G.UN24.01 EMU R X808
TK2.G.UN24.01 EMU L X808
TK2.G.UN24.02 EMU L X808
TK2.G.UN24.02 EMU R X808
A04.0.500.12.42.ME HM T
A05.0.500.12.42.ME HM T
P06.0813.19.12 M GN39
P06.0813.19.12 M GT42
TK2.G.UN14.01 EMU L X808
TK2.G.UN14.01 EMU R X808
TK2.G.UN16.01 EMU L X808
TK2.G.UN16.01 EMU R X808
TK2.G.UN18.01 EMU L X808
TK2.G.UN18.01 EMU R X808
TK2.G.UN20.01 EMU L X808
TK2.G.UN20.01 EMU R X808
E12.0014.00 PV GN39
E12.0014.00 PV GT45
D10.0.500.22 HM
P06.0813.19.10 M GN39
P06.0813.19.10 M GT42
A08.0022 T
A04.0.500.ME ST T
A05.0.500.ME ST T
A06.0.500.ME ST T
A04.1.000.ME ST T
A05.1.000.ME ST T
V32.0300.02.11 G GN39
V32.0300.02.11 G GT42
V06.0200.020.22 GY GT42
V06.0200.020.22 GY X800
A06.1.000.ME ST T
TF3.01.R100.006 PVR X600
TF3.01.R100.006 PVR X800
TF3.01.0150.020 NCR X408
TF3.01.0200.020 NCR X800
A06.0020.ME IC
A06.0022.ME IC
A06.0025.ME IC
A06.1.000.ME IC
A07.0.625.ME IC
A07.0.750.ME IC
A07.0016.ME IC
A07.0020.ME IC
A07.0022.ME IC
A07.0025.ME IC
A07.1.000.ME IC
A08.0.625.ME IC
A08.0.750.ME IC
A08.0016.ME IC
A08.0020.ME IC
A08.0025.ME IC
A08.1.000.ME IC
TF3.01.0100.020 NSR X408
TF3.01.0050.000 GSR X408
TF3.01.0050.000 GSR X808
TF3.01.0070.000 GSR X408
TF3.01.0070.000 GSR X808
TF3.01.0100.000 GSR HT45
TF3.01.0100.000 GSR X408
TF3.01.0130.000 GSR X600
A04.1C07.09.17.10 YUL GT91
A04.8704.06.10.00 YS R X800
A04.8704.08.10.00 YS R X800
A04.8705.04.12.00 YS R X800
A04.8705.08.12.00 YS R X800
A04.8710.13.22.00 YS R X800
A04.8715.20.32.00 YS R X800
A04.8717.10.37.00 YS R X800
A04.8717.15.37.00 YS R X800
A04.8717.20.37.00 YS R X800
A04.8717.25.37.00 YS R X800
A04.8720.20.42.00 YS R X800
A04.8720.25.42.00 YS R X800
A04.8720.30.42.00 YS R X800
A05.8H25.10.52.00 YS R X800
A05.8H25.40.52.00 YS R X800
A06.8H30.10.62.00 YS R X800
A06.8H30.30.62.00 YS R X800
A06.8H30.40.62.00 YS R X800
4V0.1612.60 B HM
A04.90C3 T
A06.90C3 T
TK2.G.R100.000 YP R X808
TK2.G.R100.005 YP R X808
TK2.G.R150.005 YP R X408
TK2.G.R150.005 YP R X808
TK2.G.R150.010 YP R X808
TK2.G.R200.005 YP R X808
TK2.G.R200.010 YP R X808
TK2.G.R200.020 YP R X408
TK2.G.R200.020 YP R X800
TK2.G.R200.020 YP R X808
TK2.G. YYR X408
TK2.G. YYR X808
TK2.G. YYL X408
TK2.G. YYL X808
CM3.D060.13.03.00 L
TOG.K.F12.1615.B1 R
G29.CB60.30 S X600
G29.CB60.30 S X800
TF3.01.0100.050 VR X600
TF3.01.0200.100 VR X600
TF3.01.0200.100 VR X800
A04.8704.06.10.00 YU R X800
F12.1400.03 B X800
F12.1396.03 B X800
F12.1415.13 B X800
F12.1615.17 B X800
TOG.K.F12.1615.A1 L
TOG.K.F12.1615.A1 R
M M5X10 T20R
TK2.G.M080.R1 EMU L X408
TK2.G.M080.R1 EMU L X808
TK2.G.M100.R1 EMU L X408
TK2.G.M100.R1 EMU L X808
TK2.G.M125.R1 EMU L X408
TK2.G.M125.R1 EMU L X808
TF3.01.0100.020 NSL X808
A04.1C07.12.17.10 YR X800
A04.8704.08.10.00 YU R X800
A04.8705.04.12.00 YU R X800
A04.8705.08.12.00 YU R X800
A04.8710.13.22.00 YU R X800
A04.8712.10.27.00 YU R X800
A04.8715.20.32.00 YU R X800
A04.8717.10.37.00 YU R X800
A04.8717.15.37.00 YU R X800
A04.8717.20.37.00 YU R X800
A04.8717.25.37.00 YU R X800
A04.8720.20.42.00 YU R X800
A04.8720.25.42.00 YU R X800
A04.8720.30.42.00 YU R X800
A05.8H25.10.52.00 YU R X800
A05.8H25.40.52.00 YU R X800
A06.8H30.10.62.00 YU R X800
A06.8H30.30.62.00 YU R X800
A06.8H30.40.62.00 YU R X800
A04.8707.09.17.00 YU R X800
TK2.G.M050.R1 EMU L X808
TK2.G.M070.R1 EMU L X408
TK2.G.M070.R1 EMU L X808
V28.0016.32 V X800
V28.0032.64 V X800
D14.1219.02 AL X800
D14.1219.02 AR X800
D18.0150.02.22 NL X800
D18.0150.02.22 NR X800
D18.0200.02.22 NL GN39
D18.0200.02.22 NL X800
D18.0200.02.22 NR X800
A04.5H20.30.42.05 YS R GN39
A05.1H25.40.52.07 YS R X800
A05.5H25.40.52.05 YS R GN39
A06.5H30.45.62.05 YS R X800
D18.0238.00.20 GL X800
D18.0238.00.20 GR GN39
D18.0238.00.20 GR X800
A07.1H35.55.72.07 YS R GN39
A07.5H35.55.72.05 YS R GN39
D18.0238.00.18 GR X800
TK2.G.0.500.A.14.04 L
D18.0238.00.18 GL X800
TK2.G.0.500.A.14.04 R
TK2.G.0.625.A.14.04 L
TK2.G.0.625.A.14.04 R
V22.0032.64 V GT42
V22.0032.64 V X800
TH2.0.750.A25.48.12.15 L
TH2.0.750.A25.48.12.15 R
TH2.0.750.A25.48.12.20 L
TH2.0.750.A25.48.12.20 R
TH2.0.750.A25.48.12.25 L
TH2.0.750.A25.48.12.25 R
TH2.0.750.A25.48.12.30 R
TH2.0.750.A25.48.12.40 L
TH2.0.750.A25.48.12.40 R
TF3.00.1220.45.02 E L GN39
TF3.00.1220.45.02 E L X600
TF3.00.1220.45.02 E L X800
P10.0813.19 M GT42
P10.0813.19 M X800
TH2.0.750.A25.48.12.30 L
TH2.0.500.S.A13.12.15 L
TH2.0.500.S.A13.12.15 R
TH2.0.500.S.A13.12.20 L
TH2.0.500.S.A13.12.20 R
TH2.0.500.S.A13.12.25 L
TH2.0.500.S.A13.12.30 L
TH2.0.500.S.A13.12.30 R
TH2.0.500.S.A13.12.40 L
TH2.0.500.S.A13.12.40 R
TH2.0.625.S.B18.12.15 L
TH2.0.625.S.B18.12.15 R
TH2.0.625.S.B18.12.20 L
TH2.0.625.S.B18.12.20 R
TH2.0.625.S.B18.12.25 L
TH2.0.625.S.B18.12.25 R
TH2.0.625.S.B18.12.30 L
TH2.0.625.S.B18.12.30 R
TH2.0.625.S.B18.12.40 L
TH2.0.625.S.B18.12.40 R
TF3.00.0815.45.02 E L X600
TF3.00.0815.45.02 E L X800
D14.1415.07 AL GN39
D14.1415.07 AL GT45
D14.1415.07 AR GN39
A04.8707.09.17.00 YS R X800
A04.8710.09.22.00 YS R X800
A04.8712.10.27.00 YS R X800
U18.0012.24 V X800
V22.0635.02 G GN39
F M7X19 T25R
E12.0238.12 V GN39
E12.0238.12 V X600
TF3.01.2525.A.10.08 CG R
A M3X5 DIN 913 TL
TH2.350.040 NC X408
A06.00C3.00.ME T
TF3.01.2525.A.10.08 CG L
TE3.0100.005 N R X808
A04.1C10.09.22.10 YUL GT91
D M2,6X10 T8F
V06.0160.010.28 G GT42
V06.0160.010.28 G X800
A05.0016.ME IC
A05.0020.ME IC
A05.0022.ME IC
A05.0025.ME IC
A05.1.000.ME IC
A06.0.500.ME IC
A06.0.625.ME IC
A06.0.750.ME IC
A06.0012.ME IC
A06.0016.ME IC
TE3 M5X11,5 T20R T10F
A04.0.500.ME IC
A04.0.625.ME IC
A04.0012.ME IC
A04.0016.ME IC
A04.0020.ME IC
A04.0022.ME IC
A04.0025.ME IC
A04.1.000.ME IC
A05.0.500.ME IC
A05.0.625.ME IC
A05.0.750.ME IC
A05.0012.ME IC
MH2.80.0100.06.15.IC R
MH2.80.0100.06.20.IC R
MH2.80.0100.06.25.IC R
MH2.80.0100.06.30.IC R
TK2.H.1212.A.14.04 R
TK2.H.1616.A.14.04 R
D M5X16 T20T
MH2.80.0100.06.40.IC R
CZ6.0020.ME ST
CZ6.0025.ME ST
TK2.G.0.375.A.14.04 R
D08.0.500.12 ST
CM6.D740.00 L HF25
D09.0.500.30 HM
D09.0.500.42 HM
D11.4767.04 YR X800
D14.4787.04 YR X800
TK2.G.0.750.A.14.04 R
A04.0.500.10 R
TK2.G.2020.A.14.04 R
TH M5X16 T20R
D09.0.500.22 HM
TOA.90C5.A L
TOA.90C5.A R
TOA.90C6.A L
TOA.90C6.A R
TK2.H.0.375.A.14.04 R
TK2.H.0.500.A.14.04 R
TK2.H.0.625.A.14.04 R
A06.1616.20 R
TH8.2020.B28.15.30 R
TH8.2525.B28.15.30 R
TOC.A.19.078.IC R
TOC.A.19.078.IC L
TOA.90C3.A L
TOA.90C3.A R
TOA.90C4.A L
TOA.90C4.A R
F M4X7 T15F
TK2.G.1.000.A.14.04 R
D07.0.500.21 HM
D07.0.500.30 HM
D07.0.500.42 HM
M14.0500.02 GR X800
F12.0.250.02 B X800
F12.0.312.02 B X800
F12.0.375.03 B X800
F12.0.500.03 B X800
V33.0.625.09.20 B ST
V33.0.625.09.33 B HM
CF5.050.MT.02 M HX79
CF5.060.MT.02 M HX79
CF5.070.MT.02 M HX79
CF5.080.MT.02 M HX79
CF5.100.MT.02 M HX79
TK2.G.150.005.055 NS L X808
TK2.G.150.005.055 NS R X808
M M3,5X8,2 T15F
A05.AC16.01.25.52 MR X800
A06.AC14.01.25.62 MR X800
A04.1C08.13.19.10 YR X800
A04.1C10.15.22.10 YR X800
A04.1C12.20.27.15 YR X800
A04.1C15.25.32.15 YR X800
A04.1C17.30.37.10 YR X800
A04.1820.35.42.05 YR X800
A06.1830.50.62.20 YR X800
A07.1835.60.72.20 YR X800
A07.AC12.01.30.72 MR X800
A07.AC10.01.30.72 MR X800
A05.2025.25.52.20 YR X400
A05.2025.25.52.20 YR X800
TK2.G. YYR X408
TK2.G. YYR X808
TK2.G. YYL X408
TK2.G. YYL X808
A12.0025.ME ST T
D16.0062.12 VR X800
MH2.350.040 GG X800
MH2.400.040 GG X800
MH2.500.040 GG X800
TF3.01.0150.075 VR X600
TF3.01.0150.075 VR X800
MH2.S.06.65 T15F
MH2.150.005 GG X800
MH2.200.005 GG X800
MH2.250.005 GG X800
MH2.300.005 GG X800
MH2.150.020 GG X800
MH2.200.020 GG X800
MH2.250.020 GG X800
MH2.300.020 GG X800
MH2.350.020 GG X800
MH2.400.020 GG X800
MH2.500.020 GG X800
MH2.300.040 GG X800
4V0.1612.24 A ST
TH2.0.500.S.A13.12.25 R
A05.00C3.00.ME T
TOA.00C4.A L
TOA.TF3.01.A.19.08.A2 L
D14.UN08.02.14 M R X800
D14.UN10.02.14 M R X800
D14.UN12.02.14 M R X800
TOA.00C4.A R
TOA.00C3.A R
TOA.00C3.A L
TOA.00C5.A L
TOA.00C5.A R
TOA.00C6.A L
TOA.00C6.A R
TH2.200.020 NC HF25
TH2.200.020 NC X408
TE3.L160.12 PT L X600
TE3.L160.12 PT L X800
A04.00C3.00.ME T
TK2.G.L100.12.005 PS L HT45
TK2.G.L100.12.005 PS L X408
TK2.G.L100.12.005 PS L X808
TK2.G.L100.06.005 PS L X808
TK2.G.L150.06.005 PS L X808
TK2.G.L150.12.005 PS L X808
A04.ST22.A T
A05.ST22.A T
A06.ST22.A T
TOA.TF3.01.A.19.08.A2 R
TOA.TF3.01.A.19.10.A2 L
TOA.TF3.01.A.19.05.A2 L
TOA.TF3.01.A.19.05.A1 L
TOA.TF3.01.A.19.05.A1 R
TOA.TF3.01.A.19.05.A2 R
TOA.TF3.01.A.19.10.A2 R
TK2.G.R100.06.005 PT L HT45
TK2.G.R100.06.005 PT L X408
TK2.G.R100.06.005 PT L X808
TK2.G.R150.06.005 PT L HT45
TK2.G.R150.06.005 PT L X408
TK2.G.R150.06.005 PT L X808
U M4X12 IC T15F
G M5X12 T20T
A M4X25-10.9 ISO 4762
A07.ST22.A T
A08.ST22.A T
F12.1600.03 B X800
TH2.R150.06 PG X600
TH2.R150.06 PG X800
A08.0022.ME IC
A04.0100.15.01.05 AG R X800
A04.0117.15.01.15 AG R X800
A04.0150.15.01.15 AG R X800
M14.0250.125 VR X800
A05.0078.15.01.05 AG R X800
A05.0100.15.01.05 AG R X800
A05.0117.15.01.15 AG R X800
A05.0150.15.01.15 AG R X800
A05.0157.15.01.15 AG R X800
A05.0198.15.01.15 AG R X800
A05.0200.15.01.15 AG R X800
TH2.L150.06 PG X600
TH2.L150.06 PG X800
A04.0157.15.01.15 AG R X800
D16.0031.62 VR X800
D14.0031.62 VR X800
D14.0062.12 VR X800
TK2.G.M035.02 EM R X808
TK2.G.M040.02 EM R X808
TK2.G.M045.02 EM R X808
TK2.G.M050.02 EM R X808
TK2.G.M070.02 EM R X808
TK2.G.M075.02 EM R X808
TK2.G.M080.02 EM R X808
TK2.G.M100.02 EM R X808
TK2.G.M125.02 EM R X808
TK2.G.M150.02 EM R X808
TK2.G.R150.12.005 PS L X808
E12.1302.05 V X600
E12.1302.05 V X800
G29.CB40.20 S X600
G29.CB40.20 S X800
TK2.G.M025.01 EM R X808
TK2.G.M040.01 EM R X808
TK2.G.M050.01 EM R X808
TK2.G.M070.01 EM R X808
TK2.G.M080.01 EM R X808
TK2.G.M100.01 EM R X808
TK2.G.M125.01 EM R X808
TK2.G.M150.01 EM R X808
TK2.G.M175.01 EM R X808
TK2.G.M200.01 EM R X808
TK2.G.M025.02 EM R X808
TK2.H.150.020.045 NS R X808
TK2.H.200.020.060 NS R X808
TK2.H.250.020.070 NS R X808
TK2.H.300.020.070 NS R X808
TK2.H.050.005.025 NU R X808
TK2.G.M175.02 EM R X808
TK2.G.M200.02 EM R X808
TK2.G.M250.02 EM R X808
TK2.G.M300.02 EM R X808
TK2.H.1010.A.14.04 R
TK2.H.050.005.025 NS R X808
TK2.H.075.005.038 NS R X808
TK2.H.100.005.050 NS R X808
TK2.H.R150.06.005 PT R X808
TK2.H.R150.12.005 PT R X808
TK2.H.R200.06.005 PT R X808
TK2.H.R200.12.005 PT R X808
M M5X4,5 T15F
TK2.H.075.005.038 NU R X808
TK2.H.100.005.050 NU R X808
TK2.H.150.020.045 NU R X808
TK2.H.200.020.060 NU R X808
TK2.H.250.020.070 NU R X808
TK2.H.300.020.070 NU R X808
TK2.H. YYR X808
TK2.H. YYR X808
TK2.H. YYR X808
TK2.H. YYR X808
TK2.H.R100.06.005 PT R X808
TK2.H.R100.12.005 PT R X808
CM6.E070.25.03.00 L
CM6.E086.25.03.00 L
CM6.E098.26.03.00 L
CM6.X090.27.03.00 L
CM6.S098.30.03.00 L
CM6.S118.30.03.00 L
D10.0020.24.087 ME
D14.0020.25.124 ME
D10.0020.ME ST M
D14.0020.ME ST M
D10.0007.127 HM M
D14.0009.164 HM M
F10.SB20.35-B IC
TE3.0.500.00 L
TE3.0.500.00 R
CM6.L740.05.F02 YL X808
CM6.L740.05.F04 YL X808
CM6.L740.05.F08 YL X808
D14.2750.01 ML X400
D14.2750.01 ML X800
A06.0117.40.62 GR X800
TOA.90C4 L
Z53.0032.02 L
P09.4545.02 F GF25
P09.4545.02 F GN39
P09.4545.02 F GT45
P09.4545.02 F GT57
P09.4545.02 F GX79
P09.4545.02 F X800
M14.0315.02 GR GN39
M14.0315.02 GR GT42
M14.0315.02 GR X800
D16.0250.00 GL GN39
D16.0250.00 GL GT45
D16.0250.00 GL X400
D16.0250.00 GL X800
D11.0009.18 VL GN39
D11.0009.18 VL GT45
D11.0009.18 VL X400
D11.0009.18 VL X800
D14.1411.00 AR X400
D14.1411.00 AR X800
D14.0016.45 HM
G10.2020.06 L
G10.1616.03 L
Z17.0015.30 V GT45
Z17.0015.30 V X600
Z17.0015.30 V X800
E90.3232.04 R
V22.0815.02 M GN39
V22.0815.02 M GT42
V22.0815.02 M X800
A06.0200.15.02 AG R GN39
A06.0200.15.02 AG R GT45
A06.0200.15.02 AG R X400
A06.0200.15.02 AG R X800
E60.2525.01 R
V06.R020.22 F X800
A04.0808.10 L
A06.0117.15.62 GL GN39
E12.1304.00 V GN39
E12.1304.00 V GT45
E12.1304.00 V X600
E12.1304.00 V X800
A05.0150.20.52 VR X400
A05.0150.20.52 VR X800
D10.0815.02.10 ML X800
E12.0090.00 H HF25
E12.0090.00 H HN39
E12.0090.00 H HT45
E12.0090.00 H X408
E12.0090.00 H X808
F12.2015.00 M GF25
F12.2015.00 M GK10
M14.2445.01 ML GT42
M14.2445.01 ML X800
Z40.2020.01 R
A05.1010.20 L
U18.1609.45 B HM
E12.0315.40 C X408
A05.0200.15.52 GL X800
V22.1812.35 F GN39
V22.1812.35 F GT42
V22.1812.35 F X800
D14.1020.01 ML X800
A10.0497.25.20 B X800
A06.UN16.01.15.62 MR GN39
A06.UN16.01.15.62 MR GT45
A06.UN16.01.15.62 MR X400
A06.UN16.01.15.62 MR X800
A07.0157.15.72 GL GN39
A07.0157.15.72 GL X800
A07.0117.10.72 GR GN39
S16.0510.01 M GT42
S16.0510.01 M X800
V28.2015.20 A SM
A06.0198.12.10 B X800
P10.0100.00 G GN39
P10.0100.00 G GT42
P10.0100.00 G X800
TE3.MT15.02 IM L X600
D14.0250.00 GL GN39
D14.0250.00 GL X400
D14.0250.00 GL X800
D11.0100.00 GL GN39
D11.0100.00 GL GT45
D11.0100.00 GL X400
D11.0100.00 GL X800
D11.4767.02 YL GN39
D11.4767.02 YL GT45
D11.4767.02 YL X400
D11.4767.02 YL X800
E60.3232.04 R
A07.3035.30.72.20 YL X400
A07.3035.30.72.20 YL X800
A05.0100.15.52 GL GN39
A05.0100.15.52 GL GT45
A05.0100.15.52 GL X800
V06.0060.000.37 G X800
D14.0198.02 NL GN39
V06.0050.000.37 G X800
E60.0.500.23 R
TF3.51.2020.C.12.00 R
E12.0130.40 C HF25
E12.0130.40 C X408
E12.0130.40 C X808
A10.0500.25.00 AG R GN39
A10.0500.25.00 AG R GT45
A10.0500.25.00 AG R X400
A10.0500.25.00 AG R X800
G14.0040.06 R
E12.0300.04 N GN39
E12.0300.04 N GT45
E12.0300.04 N X600
E12.0300.04 N X800
TE3.AC08.01 ML GT45
CM3.MK40.20 N X808
D11.0815.00 PL X400
D11.0815.00 PL X800
A07.0100.30.72 GR X400
A07.0100.30.72 GR X800
Z17.0010.20 V GF25
Z17.0010.20 V GT45
Z17.0010.20 V X600
Z17.0010.20 V X800
A04.1810.09.22.10 YL GN39
A04.1810.09.22.10 YL GT45
A04.1810.09.22.10 YL X400
A04.1810.09.22.10 YL X800
TE3.MT12.01 EM L X600
A06.0.625.25 R
TE3.0100.05 V R GN39
TE3.0100.05 V R GT45
TE3.0100.05 V R X600
TE3.0100.05 V R X800
A05.1825.25.52.20 YUR CBN8
A05.1825.25.52.20 YUR GT91
TE3.R200.05 PS L X600
TE3.R200.05 PS L X800
Z53.0025.04 L
U18.0720.01 M GN39
U18.0720.01 M GT42
U18.0720.01 M X800
G78.2020.02 R
TE3.MT15.01 IM L GT45
TE3.MT15.01 IM L X400
G29.8300.32 S R GF25
G29.8300.32 S R GN39
G29.8300.32 S R GS85
G29.8300.32 S R GT45
G29.8300.32 S R X600
G29.8300.32 S R X800
A04.1812.15.27.15 YR GN39
A04.1812.15.27.15 YR GT45
A04.1812.15.27.15 YR X400
A04.1812.15.27.15 YR X800
D08.0012.50 HM
D11.1015.01 MR GN39
D11.1015.01 MR X800
G26.2525.02 L
V22.0815.01 M GN39
V22.0815.01 M GT42
V22.0815.01 M X800
A04.1817.25.37.10 YR GN39
A04.1817.25.37.10 YR GT45
A04.1817.25.37.10 YR X400
A04.1817.25.37.10 YR X800
A06.BS28.02.15.62 ML GN39
A06.BS28.02.15.62 ML X800
V25.0400.02 G GN39
V25.0400.02 G GT42
V25.0400.02 G X800
G24.2525.04 L
Z40.2020.01 L
TOA.00C3 R
A06.0157.25.62 GL GN39
D11.0300.00 GL GN39
D11.0300.00 GL GT45
D11.0300.00 GL X400
D11.0300.00 GL X800
D16.0078.02 NR GT45
D16.0078.02 NR X800
TE3.MT40.02 EM R X600
TE3.MT40.02 EM R X800
V22.2616.45 F GN39
V22.2616.45 F GT42
V22.2616.45 F X800
D10.0070.00.10 GL GT45
D10.0070.00.10 GL X800
D10.UN24.02.10 MR X400
D10.UN24.02.10 MR X800
P10.1606.12 B ST
D18.0250.00.20 GL X400
D18.0250.00.20 GL X800
U18.1609.64 E HM
TE3.2020.90 L
A04.3020.25.42.15 YR GN39
S14.1608.16 A ST
TF3.00.2525.B.15.08 R
E40.2020.01 L
D11.0080.00 ZL X800
A06.MT15.01.25.62 MR GN39
A06.MT15.01.25.62 MR GT45
A06.MT15.01.25.62 MR X400
A06.MT15.01.25.62 MR X800
D16.1897.02 YU R CBN8
TE3.L200.020 AG R GN39
TE3.L200.020 AG R X600
TE3.L200.020 AG R X800
TE3.AC16.01 MR X400
D14.3555.02 YL GN39
D14.3555.02 YL X400
D14.3555.02 YL X800
TE3.1607.00 F R X600
TE3.1607.00 F R X800
A04.0100.10.42 GL GT45
A04.0100.10.42 GL X400
A04.0100.10.42 GL X800
M14.1535.01 MR GN39
M14.1535.01 MR GT42
M14.1535.01 MR X800
A06.4730.20.62.15 YR GN39
A06.4730.20.62.15 YR GT45
A06.4730.20.62.15 YR X400
A06.4730.20.62.15 YR X800
S14.0142.00 G GT42
S14.0142.00 G X800
U18.1609.25 A HM
S14.1208.42 A HM
D10.0200.00.11 GL GN39
D10.0200.00.11 GL GT45
D10.0200.00.11 GL X400
D10.0200.00.11 GL X800
TE3.MT15.01 IM R GT45
TE3.MT15.01 IM R X400
D10.1020.02.10 MR GN39
D10.1020.02.10 MR GT45
D10.1020.02.10 MR X400
D10.1020.02.10 MR X800
D16.0810.00 PL GN39
D16.0810.00 PL X800
A04.0012.C R
E30.0025.04 R
G29.0400.34 S GN39
G29.0400.34 S GS85
G29.0400.34 S GT45
G29.0400.34 S X600
G29.0400.34 S X800
E60.1616.02 L
TE3.2525.45 R
A06.0250.15.01 AV R X400
A06.0250.15.01 AV R X800
TE0.2525.13 R
D14.0.500.64 HM
E12.0110.00 GU HT42
E12.0110.00 GU HT45
E12.0110.00 GU X808
A04.4720.20.42.15 YL GN39
A04.4720.20.42.15 YL GT45
A04.4720.20.42.15 YL X800
Z17.1034.00 Z HT45
Z17.1034.00 Z X408
Z17.1034.00 Z X808
TE3.BS16.02 ML GT45
TE3.BS16.02 ML X600
TE3.BS16.02 ML X800
MA3.MT15.01.15.06 AM GN39
MA3.MT15.01.15.06 AM GT42
MA3.MT15.01.15.06 AM X800
G13.0040.03 L
D14.0130.00 GL GN39
D14.0130.00 GL GT45
D14.0130.00 GL X400
D14.0130.00 GL X800
TE3.MT40.02 EM L X600
TE3.0250.12 V R GN39
TE3.0250.12 V R GT45
TE3.0250.12 V R X600
TE3.0250.12 V R X800
TE3.0200.02 N R CBN8
TE3.0200.02 N R GN39
TE3.0200.02 N R GT45
TE3.0200.02 N R GX79
TE3.0200.02 N R X600
TE3.0200.02 N R X800
G26.2020.03 L
Z45.0020.03 R
V22.0.625.12.85 A HM
D10.1325.02.10 MR X400
D10.1325.02.10 MR X800
A05.0117.25.52 GL GN39
A05.0117.25.52 GL X800
V22.0515.04 G GN39
V22.0515.04 G GT42
V22.0515.04 G X800
D10.0200.00.10 GR GN39
D10.0200.00.10 GR GT45
D10.0200.00.10 GR X400
D10.0200.00.10 GR X800
TE3.4120.00 F R X600
TE3.4120.00 F R X800
Z17.0185.00 S GF25
Z17.0185.00 S GK10
Z17.0185.00 S GT45
Z17.0185.00 S X600
Z17.0185.00 S X800
G29.1220.02 S R GN39
G29.1220.02 S R GT45
G29.1220.02 S R X600
G29.1220.02 S R X800
M14.1812.54 FL GN39
M14.1812.54 FL GT42
M14.1812.54 FL X800
D14.0150.02 NR GN39
D14.0150.02 NR GT45
D14.0150.02 NR X400
D14.0150.02 NR X800
D16.0815.00 PR GT45
D16.0815.00 PR X400
D16.0815.00 PR X800
Z53.0025.03 R
Z40.1212.03 L
E12.3080.27 ER X800
D14.0150.00 GL GN39
D14.0150.00 GL GT45
D14.0150.00 GL X400
D14.0150.00 GL X800
E12.1125.27 E R GN39
E12.1125.27 E R GT45
E12.1125.27 E R X600
E12.1125.27 E R X800
MA3.MT20.01.25.08 BM X800
Z17.0070.00 H HT45
Z17.0070.00 H X408
Z17.0070.00 H X808
Z40.1212.02 R
V22.1612.42 A HM
TE3.MT20.01 EM L X600
D10.0010.20.10 VR GN39
D10.0010.20.10 VR X400
D10.0010.20.10 VR X800
A04.0.750.C R
G29.8200.32 S R GN39
G29.8200.32 S R GT45
G29.8200.32 S R X600
G29.8200.32 S R X800
A05.0150.25.52 GR X400
A05.0150.25.52 GR X800
D14.1230.62 AR GN39
D14.1230.62 AR GT45
D14.1230.62 AR X400
D14.1230.62 AR X800
U18.0010.20 V GN39
U18.0010.20 V GT42
U18.0010.20 V X800
S14.1008.17 A ST
M80.0063.05 L
S14.1209.42 B HM
U18.1609.32 A HM
A04.M070.01.10.32 ML GN39
A04.M070.01.10.32 ML GT45
A04.M070.01.10.32 ML X800
D16.1232.40 SB
Z17.1102.25 F GN39
D14.0205.02 ML GN39
D14.0205.02 ML X800
A06.1830.30.62.05 YR GN39
A06.1830.30.62.05 YR GT45
A06.1830.30.62.05 YR X400
A06.1830.30.62.05 YR X800
D16.0250.00 GR GN39
D16.0250.00 GR GT45
D16.0250.00 GR X400
D16.0250.00 GR X800
E40.2020.01 R
D14.0.625.64 HM
D14.4710.02 YL GN39
D14.4710.02 YL X800
A07.0150.10.72 GR GN39
A07.0150.10.72 GR X400
A07.0150.10.72 GR X800
A07.0157.15.72 GR X800
D10.0300.00.11 GR GN39
D10.0300.00.11 GR GT45
D10.0300.00.11 GR X400
D10.0300.00.11 GR X800
A05.MT10.02.15.48 MR GF25
A05.MT10.02.15.48 MR GN39
A05.MT10.02.15.48 MR GT45
A05.MT10.02.15.48 MR X800
D16.SB32.80 ZB
D16.1835.02 MR GN39
D16.1835.02 MR GT45
D16.1835.02 MR X400
D16.1835.02 MR X800
D08.0004.08 VR GN39
D08.0004.08 VR GT45
D08.0004.08 VR X800
A05.MT75.02.15.51 MR GN39
A05.MT75.02.15.51 MR GT45
A05.MT75.02.15.51 MR X800
TE3.2525.15 L
D14.0815.02 MR GN39
D14.0815.02 MR GT45
D14.0815.02 MR X400
D14.0815.02 MR X800
A04.1820.10.42.15 YL GN39
A04.1820.10.42.15 YL GT45
A04.1820.10.42.15 YL X400
A04.1820.10.42.15 YL X800
A04.UN24.02.15.42 ML X800
D14.1215.02 AL GN39
D14.1215.02 AL GT45
D14.1215.02 AL X400
D14.1215.02 AL X800
E60.1212.02 L
G14.0032.02 L
V32.0250.02 G X800
A04.1C10.06.22.10 YUR GT91
D11.1015.01 ML X800
A04.1C12.15.27.15 YL GN39
A04.1C12.15.27.15 YL X400
A04.1C12.15.27.15 YL X800
A04.1C12.15.27.15 YUR GT91
A04.0100.15.42 GR GN39
A04.0100.15.42 GR GT45
A04.0100.15.42 GR X400
A04.0100.15.42 GR X800
Z40.2525.04 L
G18.0.625.02 R
A04.1815.15.32.05 YL X400
A04.1815.15.32.05 YL X800
A04.3015.15.32.10 YR GT45
A04.3015.15.32.10 YR X800
A04.1804.06.10.10 YL GT45
A04.1804.06.10.10 YL X800
A04.UN32.01.15.42 ML GN39
A04.UN32.01.15.42 ML GT45
A04.UN32.01.15.42 ML X800
A04.5025.02.05.00 YR GN39
A04.5025.02.05.00 YR GT45
A04.5025.02.05.00 YR X800
V06.0100.010.28 G GN39
V06.0100.010.28 G GT42
V06.0100.010.28 G X800
S14.1608.16 E ST
D10.1856.02.10 YU L CBN8
A06.MT15.01.20.62 MR GN39
A06.MT15.01.20.62 MR X400
A06.MT15.01.20.62 MR X800
A06.MT10.01.15.62 MR GN39
A06.MT10.01.15.62 MR GT45
A06.MT10.01.15.62 MR X400
A06.MT10.01.15.62 MR X800
D14.1420.52 AL GN39
D14.1420.52 AL GT45
D14.1420.52 AL X400
D14.1420.52 AL X800
D16.0080.00 ZR GT45
D16.0080.00 ZR X800
E69.2020.01 L
E12.1080.27 E R X600
E12.1080.27 E R X800
G29.5250.32 S R GT45
G29.5250.32 S R X600
G29.5250.32 S R X800
D14.0300.00.17 GR GN39
D14.0300.00.17 GR GT45
D14.0300.00.17 GR X400
D14.0300.00.17 GR X800
G29.1530.32 S L GN39
G29.1530.32 S L GT45
G29.1530.32 S L X600
G29.1530.32 S L X800
A04.VD30.ME T
U18.0117.00 G GT42
U18.0117.00 G X800
TE3.L150.020 AG L GN39
TE3.L150.020 AG L X600
TE3.L150.020 AG L X800
TOA.TE3.V2.00 L
A10.0300.20.00 AG R GN39
A10.0300.20.00 AG R GT45
A10.0300.20.00 AG R X400
A10.0300.20.00 AG R X800
E12.0008.00 V GN39
E12.0008.00 V GT45
E12.0008.00 V X600
E12.0008.00 V X800
E69.2525.02 L
U18.1325.01 M GT42
U18.1325.01 M X800
TE3.0070.00 G L HT45
TE3.0070.00 G L X408
TE3.0070.00 G L X808
M14.6032.02 GR X800
E12.1085.00 Z HN39
E12.1085.00 Z HT45
E12.1085.00 Z X408
E12.1085.00 Z X808
A06.0117.15.02 AG R GN39
A06.0117.15.02 AG R X400
A06.0117.15.02 AG R X800
D11.0012.29 ST
D14.0200.00.16 GR GN39
D14.0200.00.16 GR GT45
D14.0200.00.16 GR X400
D14.0200.00.16 GR X800
D08.0012.42 HM
D07.A06.40 HM
MA3.MT15.01.25.08 AM GN39
MA3.MT15.01.25.08 AM GT42
MA3.MT15.01.25.08 AM X800
A07.0200.20.72 GR GN39
A07.0200.20.72 GR GT45
A07.0200.20.72 GR X400
A07.0200.20.72 GR X800
A06.BS20.02.15.62 ML GT45
A06.BS20.02.15.62 ML X800
A04.1C15.20.32.15 YR X400
A04.1C15.20.32.15 YR X800
D18.0400.00.18 GL X800
A07.1835.45.72.20 YUR CBN8
G18.0.625.03 L
Z40.1010.03 L
E12.0300.15 V GF25
E12.0300.15 V GN39
E12.0300.15 V GT45
E12.0300.15 V X600
E12.0300.15 V X800
A04.1C15.15.32.15 YL X400
A04.1C15.15.32.15 YL X800
E60.2020.04 L
D18.0020.25 ST
D18.0200.02.20 NL X400
D18.0200.02.20 NL X800
Z45.0032.02 L
V33.1609.33 A HM
TOA.00C4 R
D16.1220.01 ML X800
G26.2525.06 R
D18.0150.02.20 NR GN39
D18.0150.02.20 NR X400
D18.0150.02.20 NR X800
A04.1010.15 L
E90.2525.01 R
A05.0100.20.52 GR GN39
A05.0100.20.52 GR GT45
A05.0100.20.52 GR X400
A05.0100.20.52 GR X800
A10.0500.20.00 AG L GN39
A10.0500.20.00 AG L X800
TE3.MT25.02 EM L X600
G24.2020.03 R
E60.3232.03 L
M14.4125.54 FR GN39
M14.4125.54 FR GT42
M14.4125.54 FR X800
D10.4545.02.10 FL X800
E60.1616.01 L
D14.0510.01 MR GN39
D14.0510.01 MR X400
D14.0510.01 MR X800
A05.4545.20.52 FR X800
E90.2525.02 R
D16.0012.80 HM
Z17.1094.00 Z HT45
Z17.1094.00 Z X408
M14.6032.02 GL X800
MA3. AG GN39
MA3. AG GT42
MA3. AG X800
V25.0318.02 G GT42
V25.0318.02 G X800
A06.TR20.01.20.62 MR X800
E60.0.750.03 L
A06.0302.12.10 B X800
A06.0100.15.01 AG R GN39
A06.0100.15.01 AG R GT45
A06.0100.15.01 AG R X400
A06.0100.15.01 AG R X800
D14.1410.00 AR GN39
D14.1410.00 AR GT45
D14.1410.00 AR X400
D14.1410.00 AR X800
G25.2525.04 L
Z50.0025.02 L
A04.0012.C L
Z17.0090.00 H HT45
Z17.0090.00 H X408
Z17.0090.00 H X808
D10.UN32.02.10 MR X400
D10.UN32.02.10 MR X800
A06.0200.20.62 GR GN39
A06.0200.20.62 GR GT45
A06.0200.20.62 GR X400
A06.0200.20.62 GR X800
D14.0.625.45 HM
A10.0400.30.00 AG L GN39
A10.0400.30.00 AG L X800
D18.0150.00.20 GL GN39
D18.0150.00.20 GL X800
D14.1212.ST R
G26.2525.04 L
V22.0318.04 G GT42
V22.0318.04 G X800
M80.2480.05 R
D11.1118.14 ML GN39
D11.1118.14 ML X400
D11.1118.14 ML X800
D11.0810.00 PL GN39
D11.0810.00 PL GT45
D11.0810.00 PL X400
D11.0810.00 PL X800
Z17.0080.00 H X408
Z17.0080.00 H X808
A06.MT12.02.15.62 ML GN39
A06.MT12.02.15.62 ML GT45
A06.MT12.02.15.62 ML X400
A06.MT12.02.15.62 ML X800
A06.0200.15.01 AV R GN39
A06.0200.15.01 AV R GT45
A06.0200.15.01 AV R X400
A06.0200.15.01 AV R X800
D10.0.500.32 HM
A07.0100.20.72 GL GN39
A07.0100.20.72 GL X400
A07.0100.20.72 GL X800
A04.1820.20.42.05 YR GN39
A04.1820.20.42.05 YR X400
A04.1820.20.42.05 YR X800
V33.0160.42.10 C HF25
V33.0160.42.10 C X808
A06.MT15.01.25.62 ML X800
A05.4545.15.52 FL GN39
A05.4545.15.52 FL X800
G29.0600.20 S GT45
G29.0600.20 S X600
E12.0200.02 N CBN8
E12.0200.02 N GN39
E12.0200.02 N GT45
E12.0200.02 N X600
E12.0200.02 N X800
V28.1314.10 A ST
V33.1609.20 B ST
D10.2056.02.10 YL X800
A04.0.500.15 R
A04.0016.06 B ST
E12.1210.00 P L GN39
E12.1210.00 P L GT45
E12.1210.00 P L X600
E12.1210.00 P L X800
G18.3225.03 L
S14.0117.00 G GN39
S14.0117.00 G GT42
S14.0117.00 G X800
D14.A.0016.05 ST R
TF3.00.2020.B.12.06 L
MA3.600.19.16.00 AS X800
TE3.L200.020 AG L X800
A07.0198.25.72 GR X800
S14.0.500.09.42 B HM
G29.5400.32 S R GN39
G29.5400.32 S R GT45
G29.5400.32 S R X600
G29.5400.32 S R X800
MA3.4545.02.25.06 BF GT42
MA3.4545.02.25.06 BF X800
A04.1C17.20.37.15 YR GN39
A04.1C17.20.37.15 YR GT45
A04.1C17.20.37.15 YR X400
A04.1C17.20.37.15 YR X800
A04.M040.01.05.15 MR GT45
A04.M040.01.05.15 MR X800
Z35.0020.01 L
D14.1212.ST L
D08.0815.01 MR GN39
D08.0815.01 MR GT45
D08.0815.01 MR X800
A06.0100.40.62 PR GN39
A06.0100.40.62 PR X400
A06.0100.40.62 PR X800
V28.0.625.14.60 B HM
D16.0502.17 B X400
D16.0502.17 B X800
G10.1616.04 R
TE3.1616.00 R
U06.0250.020.18 G GT42
U06.0250.020.18 G X800
TE3.MT50.02 EM R X600
TE3.0160.08 V R GN39
TE3.0160.08 V R GT45
TE3.0160.08 V R X600
TE3.0160.08 V R X800
G26.2020.02 L
D11.0250.00 GR GN39
D11.0250.00 GR GT45
D11.0250.00 GR X400
D11.0250.00 GR X800
A04.C070.16.30 GR X800
TE3.MT25.01 EM R GT45
TE3.MT25.01 EM R X600
A05.2025.30.52.20 YR GN39
A05.2025.30.52.20 YR GT45
A05.2025.30.52.20 YR X800
D14.0238.00 GL GN39
D14.0238.00 GL X800
D10.SA08.01.10 MR GN39
D10.SA08.01.10 MR X800
M81.0100.10 R
TE3.0300.15 V R GN39
TE3.0300.15 V R GT45
TE3.0300.15 V R X600
TE3.0300.15 V R X800
MA3.MT15.01.25.08 BM X800
D08.0012.30 HM
E12.3125.53 E R GT45
E12.3125.53 E R X800
D14.0070.00 ZR GT45
D14.0070.00 ZR X800
D08.3046.02 YR GN39
D08.3046.02 YR GT45
D08.3046.02 YR X800
A04.1815.10.32.15 YUL CBN8
A05.0150.35.52 GL X800
A04.1C12.15.27.15 YR GT45
A04.1C12.15.27.15 YR X400
A04.1C12.15.27.15 YR X800
V06.R300.22 F X800
TE3.2115.00 F R X600
TE3.2115.00 F R X800
TE3.0215.00 G R GN39
TE3.0215.00 G R GT45
TE3.0215.00 G R X600
TE3.0215.00 G R X800
E12.1100.00 Z X408
E12.1100.00 Z X808
A04.2020.25.42.15 YR GN39
A04.2020.25.42.15 YR X400
A04.2020.25.42.15 YR X800
TE3.0356.00 JR GN39
TE3.0356.00 JR X600
TE3.0356.00 JR X800
TE3.0400.02 N L GN39
TE3.0400.02 N L GT45
TE3.0400.02 N L X600
TE3.0400.02 N L X800
D14.0016.64 HM
D14.0078.02 NR X400
D14.0078.02 NR X800
D14.0200.00.17 GR GN39
D14.0200.00.17 GR GT45
D14.0200.00.17 GR X400
D14.0200.00.17 GR X800
E09.2020.02 L
A07.0022.C R
D14.4787.02 YR GN39
D14.4787.02 YR GT45
D14.4787.02 YR X400
D14.4787.02 YR X800
Z30.0020.02 L
D08.0070.00 ZR GN39
D08.0070.00 ZR GT45
D08.0070.00 ZR X800
V33.0250.42.10 C HN39
V33.0250.42.10 C HT42
V33.0250.42.10 C X808
A04.5C35.03.07.00 YR GT45
A04.1C15.10.32.15 YUL X800
A04.1807.06.17.05 YR GN39
A04.1807.06.17.05 YR GT45
A04.1807.06.17.05 YR X400
A04.1807.06.17.05 YR X800
Z50.0032.01 L
A04.1817.15.37.15 YL GN39
A04.1817.15.37.15 YL GT45
A04.1817.15.37.15 YL X400
A04.1817.15.37.15 YL X800
D16.SB25.56 ZB
V22.2445.01 M GN39
V22.2445.01 M X800
Z17.1074.00 Z X408
Z17.1074.00 Z X808
TH2.400.040 NG GN39
TH2.400.040 NG GT45
TH2.400.040 NG X600
TH2.400.040 NG X800
E60.1616.01 R
A05.BS28.02.15.52 MR X400
A05.BS28.02.15.52 MR X800
V28.2020.35 B SM
D14.0008.16 VR GN39
D14.0008.16 VR X800
V28.0132.015.09 G GN39
E60.0.625.23 R
TE3.MT20.02 IM L X400
TE3.TR50.02 M L X600
D11.0.500.42 HM
Z40.2525.02 R
A04.1C10.06.22.10 YR GN39
A04.1C10.06.22.10 YR GT45
A04.1C10.06.22.10 YR X400
A04.1C10.06.22.10 YR X800
A07.1835.40.72.20 YR GN39
A07.1835.40.72.20 YR GT45
A07.1835.40.72.20 YR X400
A07.1835.40.72.20 YR X800
D14.3555.02 YR GN39
D14.3555.02 YR X400
D14.3555.02 YR X800
TOA.90C3 L
A04.M050.01.07.24 ML GN39
A04.M050.01.07.24 ML X800
V22.1011.10 A ST
A05.0100.35.52 GR GN39
A05.0100.35.52 GR GT45
A05.0100.35.52 GR X800
A07.1835.25.72.20 YUR CBN8
D11.0012.64 HM
A04.1C10.09.22.10 YR X400
A04.1C10.09.22.10 YR X800
D14.0300.00.16 GL X400
D14.0300.00.16 GL X800
D14.1616.ST R
A06.MT12.01.20.62 MR GN39
A06.MT12.01.20.62 MR GT45
A06.MT12.01.20.62 MR X400
A06.MT12.01.20.62 MR X800
A06.TR15.01.20.62 ML X800
V06.R250.22 F X800
A04.1C17.15.37.15 YUL X400
V22.0070.00 Z X808
D10.0150.00.12 GR GN39
D10.0150.00.12 GR GT45
D10.0150.00.12 GR X400
D10.0150.00.12 GR X800
TE3.1812.00 F R X600
TE3.1812.00 F R X800
D14.0150.02 NL GN39
D14.0150.02 NL X400
D14.0150.02 NL X800
A06.0198.15.02 AG L X400
A06.0198.15.02 AG L X800
E12.0300.02 N GF25
E12.0300.02 N GN39
E12.0300.02 N GT45
E12.0300.02 N GX79
E12.0300.02 N X600
E12.0300.02 N X800
D14.1430.15 AL X400
D14.1430.15 AL X800
A04.2020.20.42.15 YR GN39
A04.2020.20.42.15 YR GT45
A04.2020.20.42.15 YR X400
A04.2020.20.42.15 YR X800
D11.0130.00 GR GN39
D11.0130.00 GR GT45
D11.0130.00 GR X400
D11.0130.00 GR X800
D14.0008.16 VL X800
TE3.3225.17 R
D18.4714.02.20 YL GT45
D18.4714.02.20 YL X800
TE3.MT12.02 EM R GN39
TE3.MT12.02 EM R GT45
TE3.MT12.02 EM R X600
D14.0157.02 NL X400
D14.0157.02 NL X800
P12.4545.35 F GN39
P12.4545.35 F GT42
P12.4545.35 F GT57
P12.4545.35 F X800
V06.R225.22 F X800
A07.0020.153.C L
A05.1616.20 L
E12.2616.43 F GT45
E12.2616.43 F X600
E12.2616.43 F X800
A06.0300.15.02 AG R GN39
A06.0300.15.02 AG R GT45
A06.0300.15.02 AG R X400
A06.0300.15.02 AG R X800
A06.3030.30.62.20 YR GN39
A06.3030.30.62.20 YR GT45
A06.3030.30.62.20 YR X400
A06.3030.30.62.20 YR X800
A04.1820.10.42.03 YL GN39
A04.1820.10.42.03 YL X400
A04.1820.10.42.03 YL X800
P10.0200.02 G GN39
P10.0200.02 G GT42
P10.0200.02 G X800
A07.0078.35.72 GR GN39
A07.0078.35.72 GR X800
A04.0022.C R
E12.0265.00 GU X408
E12.0265.00 GU X808
A05.0198.15.52 GR X800
D16.0011.22 VL GN39
D16.0011.22 VL GT45
D16.0011.22 VL X400
D16.0011.22 VL X800
P12.0250.02 G GN39
P12.0250.02 G GT42
P12.0250.02 G X800
E12.0018.00 V GN39
E12.0018.00 V GT45
E12.0018.00 V X600
E12.0018.00 V X800
V22.0010.20 V GN39
V22.0010.20 V GT42
V22.0010.20 V X800
V28.2015.30 E SM
V22.0160.01 G GN39
V22.0160.01 G GT42
V22.0160.01 G GT57
V22.0160.01 G X800
D16.0016.56 HM
A08.0250.10.00 AG R GN39
A08.0250.10.00 AG R X400
A08.0250.10.00 AG R X800
TE3.TR50.02 M R X600
TE3.TR50.02 M R X800
A04.5C25.02.05.00 YR GT45
A04.5C25.02.05.00 YR X800
A06.0060.05.20 AF R GN39
A06.0060.05.20 AF R GT45
A06.0060.05.20 AF R X400
A06.0060.05.20 AF R X800
TE3.0265.00 G L GN39
TE3.0265.00 G L X600
TE3.0265.00 G L X800
A04.M025.01.02.07 MR GN39
A04.1810.06.22.10 YL X400
A04.1810.06.22.10 YL X800
M81.0080.08 L
TE3.L100.06 PS L X600
TE3.L100.06 PS L X800
G29.5300.32 S L GN39
G29.5300.32 S L GT45
G29.5300.32 S L X600
G29.5300.32 S L X800
D16.0498.17 B X800
D10.0.625.16 ST
D10.NP27.02.10 MR GT45
D10.NP27.02.10 MR X400
D10.NP27.02.10 MR X800
D11.1867.02 YU R CBN8
D11.1867.02 YU R GT91
D10.0006.12.10 VR GN39
D10.0006.12.10 VR GT45
D10.0006.12.10 VR X400
D10.0006.12.10 VR X800
E12.0060.00 H HF25
E12.0060.00 H HN39
E12.0060.00 H HT45
E12.0060.00 H X408
E12.0060.00 H X808
A06.0157.15.02 AG L GN39
A06.0157.15.02 AG L X400
A06.0157.15.02 AG L X800
A04.0100.20.42 GR GN39
A04.0100.20.42 GR GT45
A04.0100.20.42 GR X400
A04.0100.20.42 GR X800
G29.0400.20 S CBN8
G29.0400.20 S X600
G29.0400.20 S X800
A04.2010.06.22.10 YL GT45
A04.2010.06.22.10 YL X800
TE3.MT10.02 IM R GT45
TE3.MT10.02 IM R X400
G18.2525.06 R
E60.2525.04 L
G26.3225.03 L
G29.0200.32 S GN39
G29.0200.32 S GT45
G29.0200.32 S X600
G29.0200.32 S X800
D14.1416.08 AR GN39
D14.1416.08 AR X400
D14.1416.08 AR X800
A05.0198.30.52 GL GN39
D16.1225.80 SB
A05.MT05.02.15.52 ML X800
A05.1825.30.52.20 YUL CBN8
TE3.BS28.02 MR GT45
TE3.BS28.02 MR X600
U18.1609.18 B ST
S14.0.500.08.42 A HM
G18.2525.03 L
G24.2020.04 L
D08.0110.00 GR GN39
D08.0110.00 GR GT45
D08.0110.00 GR X800
D14.1430.02 AR GN39
D14.1430.02 AR GT45
D14.1430.02 AR X400
D14.1430.02 AR X800
S16.0117.00 G X800
M14.0400.200 VR GN39
M14.0400.200 VR X800
E12.0613.11 P R GN39
E12.0613.11 P R GT45
E12.0613.11 P R X600
E12.0613.11 P R X800
A07.0157.30.72 GR X800
A05.MT10.01.15.48 ML GN39
A05.MT10.01.15.48 ML X800
A04.C050.06.20 GR GN39
A04.C050.06.20 GR GT45
A04.C050.06.20 GR X800
TF3.50.2020.C.12.00 R
A06.0100.15.02 AG R GN39
A06.0100.15.02 AG R GT45
A06.0100.15.02 AG R X400
A06.0100.15.02 AG R X800
D11.0010.20 VL GT45
D11.0010.20 VL X400
D11.0010.20 VL X800
D16.0009.18 VL GT45
D16.0009.18 VL X800
V33.0170.42.10 C HF25
V33.0170.42.10 C HT42
V33.0170.42.10 C X808
Z55.0025.03 L
A05.1010.20 R
Z17.2616.43 F X800
A05.0198.25.52 GR X800
E60.1212.03 R
MA3.300.16.16.00 BS X800
V22.0720.01 M GN39
V22.0720.01 M GT42
V22.0720.01 M GT57
V22.0720.01 M X800
D11.0130.00 GL GT45
D11.0130.00 GL X400
D11.0130.00 GL X800
D14.1020.02 MR GN39
D14.1020.02 MR X400
D14.1020.02 MR X800
D11.0510.01 MR GN39
D11.0510.01 MR GT45
D11.0510.01 MR X400
D11.0510.01 MR X800
A06.1830.35.62.20 YR GN39
A06.1830.35.62.20 YR GT45
A06.1830.35.62.20 YR X400
A06.1830.35.62.20 YR X800
V22.1612.24 E ST
D08.0.625.12 ST
A07.0078.30.72 GR X400
A07.0078.30.72 GR X800
M14.1307.54 FL GN39
M14.1307.54 FL GT42
A04.1C15.15.32.15 YR X400
A04.1C15.15.32.15 YR X800
A04.1C10.13.22.10 YUR GT91
TE0.1616.10 R
U18.0080.00 Z HN39
U18.0080.00 Z HT42
U18.0080.00 Z X808
A05.0200.10.52 GL GT45
A05.0200.10.52 GL X800
A07.0117.30.72 VR X800
TE3.1608.00 F L X600
TE3.1608.00 F L X800
TE3.MT30.02 IM R X400
M14.0185.02 GL X800
V22.0400.42 C HF25
V22.0400.42 C X808
E09.2525.03 L
A05.MT75.02.15.51 ML X800
D10.0010.20.10 VL GN39
D10.0010.20.10 VL X400
D10.0010.20.10 VL X800
A04.M070.01.10.32 MR GN39
A04.M070.01.10.32 MR GT45
A04.M070.01.10.32 MR X800
TE3.MT15.02 EM L X600
TE3.MT15.02 EM L X800
V22.1212.42 A HM
E12.0185.00 GU X808
A04.1817.15.37.15 YUR CBN8
A10.0300.20.00 AG L GN39
A10.0300.20.00 AG L GT45
A10.0300.20.00 AG L X400
A10.0300.20.00 AG L X800
G29.1530.32 S R GF25
G29.1530.32 S R GN39
G29.1530.32 S R GT45
G29.1530.32 S R X600
G29.1530.32 S R X800
G13.0025.03 L
G13.0050.03 R
D08.0198.02 NR X800
E60.1.000.03 R
G13.0050.04 R
A04.1616.15 R
D14.1210.00 AR GN39
D14.1210.00 AR GT45
D14.1210.00 AR X400
D14.1210.00 AR X800
TE3.L150.020 AG R X600
TE3.L150.020 AG R X800
A06.1212.25 R
A06.0300.15.01 AG R GN39
A06.0300.15.01 AG R GT45
A06.0300.15.01 AG R X400
A06.0300.15.01 AG R X800
M14.1609.54 FR X800
Z40.1212.01 L
TE3.MT20.02 EM R GN39
TE3.MT20.02 EM R GT45
TE3.MT20.02 EM R X600
M14.5130.61 FR GT42
M14.5130.61 FR X800
TE3.0400.02 N R GN39
TE3.0400.02 N R GT45
TE3.0400.02 N R X600
TE3.0400.02 N R X800
P10.0.625.06.12 A ST
A06.0318.15.02 AG R X800
D11.1867.02 YR GN39
D11.1867.02 YR GT45
D11.1867.02 YR X400
D11.1867.02 YR X800
U18.0250.02 G GN39
U18.0250.02 G GT42
U18.0250.02 G X800
G19.2525.03 L
D08.1846.02 YU L CBN8
D08.1846.02 YU L GT91
TE3.L160.06 PT R X800
V22.0300.02 G GN39
V22.0300.02 G GT42
V22.0300.02 G GT57
V22.0300.02 G X800
D16.1118.14 ML X400
D16.1118.14 ML X800
P10.0.500.06.42 B HM
A07.3035.20.72.20 YL GN39
A07.3035.20.72.20 YL X800
A06.MT12.01.25.62 MR GN39
A06.MT12.01.25.62 MR GT45
A06.MT12.01.25.62 MR X400
A06.MT12.01.25.62 MR X800
D14.A.0016.42 HM R
G78.2020.04 L
Z45.0020.02 L
D16.0012.56 HM
A06.0200.10.62 GR GN39
A06.0200.10.62 GR GT45
A06.0200.10.62 GR X400
A06.0200.10.62 GR X800
V22.1212.42 E HM
D10.0917.02.10 ML X800
S16.0200.02 G GN39
S16.0200.02 G GT42
S16.0200.02 G X800
G10.1616.03 R
A06.0300.15.02 AV R X400
A06.0300.15.02 AV R X800
D16.0090.00 ZL X400
D16.0090.00 ZL X800
V22.0.625.12.85 B HM
A04.1815.20.32.15 YL GT45
A04.1815.20.32.15 YL X400
A04.1815.20.32.15 YL X800
M14.4120.54 FL GN39
M14.4120.54 FL GT42
A04.1820.20.42.15 YUL CBN8
D14.1415.02 AL GN39
D14.1415.02 AL GT45
D14.1415.02 AL X400
D14.1415.02 AL X800
A07.1835.40.72.20 YL GN39
A07.1835.40.72.20 YL GT45
A07.1835.40.72.20 YL X400
A07.1835.40.72.20 YL X800
A04.0016.0068.A04 CR
D16.0510.02 MR X400
D16.0510.02 MR X800
E12.0157.00 G GN39
E12.0157.00 G X600
E12.0157.00 G X800
V22.1611.30 E HM
E12.1103.25 F X600
E12.1103.25 F X800
V22.0.625.12.42 B HM
V28.0150.02.09 G GT42
V28.0150.02.09 G X800
D08.0200.02 NL GT45
D08.0200.02 NL X800
D10.0510.01.10 ML GT45
D10.0510.01.10 ML X800
A04.0.375.15 R
D08.4545.02 FL GN39
D08.4545.02 FL GT45
D08.4545.02 FL X800
G14.0032.04 L
TE3.1616.45 R
E12.1064.00 Z X408
E12.1064.00 Z X808
P12.0011.22 V GN39
P12.0011.22 V GT42
P12.0011.22 V X800
E12.0520.00 P R GN39
E12.0520.00 P R GT45
E12.0520.00 P R X600
E12.0520.00 P R X800
D14.0200.02 NR GN39
D14.0200.02 NR GT45
D14.0200.02 NR X400
D14.0200.02 NR X800
E12.0515.00 GU HT45
E12.0515.00 GU X408
Z33.0020.03 L
V22.0022.44 V GT42
V22.0022.44 V X800
U18.1209.64 B HM
A04.1C15.10.32.15 YL GN39
A04.1C15.10.32.15 YL X800
M81.0063.05 R
N10.4023.02 GL MN39
A06.1616.25 R
TE3.3118.00 F R GN39
TE3.3118.00 F R X600
TE3.3118.00 F R X800
A06.1830.40.62.20 YR GN39
A06.1830.40.62.20 YR GT45
A06.1830.40.62.20 YR X400
A06.1830.40.62.20 YR X800
Z17.0160.00 S GF25
Z17.0160.00 S GK10
Z17.0160.00 S GT45
Z17.0160.00 S X600
Z17.0160.00 S X800
MA3.4545.02.25.06 AF X800
A04.3020.15.42.15 YR GT45
A04.3020.15.42.15 YR X800
A10.VD20.ME T
V32.0250.42 C HF25
V32.0250.42 C HT42
D11.0110.00 GR GN39
D11.0110.00 GR GT45
D11.0110.00 GR X400
D11.0110.00 GR X800
A06.NP18.01.15.62 MR GN39
A06.NP18.01.15.62 MR GT45
A06.NP18.01.15.62 MR X400
A06.NP18.01.15.62 MR X800
E12.3031.33 Y L X600
E12.3031.33 Y L X800
P12.1423.11 M GN39
P12.1423.11 M GT42
P12.1423.11 M X800
A07.4545.20.72 FL X800
G29.0915.01 S L GN39
G29.0915.01 S L GT45
G29.0915.01 S L X600
D10.0009.18.10 VR X400
D10.0009.18.10 VR X800
P12.0815.01 M GN39
P12.0815.01 M GT42
P12.0815.01 M X800
A05.0117.30.52 GR GN39
A05.0117.30.52 GR X800
E30.0032.02 L
P10.1206.30 B HM
G13.0050.06 L
D08.0510.01 ML X800
E60.0.750.04 R
A07.0016.C L
A05.MT10.01.20.48 MR GN39
A05.MT10.01.20.48 MR GT45
A05.MT10.01.20.48 MR X800
MA3. BG X800
A06.0117.25.62 GR GN39
D11.1855.02 YR GN39
D11.1855.02 YR GT45
D11.1855.02 YR X400
D11.1855.02 YR X800
D11.0010.20 VR GN39
D11.0010.20 VR GT45
D11.0010.20 VR X400
D11.0010.20 VR X800
Z40.2525.01 L
Z40.1616.01 L
D08.1846.02 YL GN39
D08.1846.02 YL GT45
D08.1846.02 YL X400
D08.1846.02 YL X800
A10.0600.40.20 B X800
G26.2020.04 L
A06.0200.30.62 GR GN39
A06.0200.30.62 GR GT45
A06.0200.30.62 GR X400
A06.0200.30.62 GR X800
D14.0160.00 GL GT45
D14.0160.00 GL X400
D14.0160.00 GL X800
TE3.AC06.01 MR GT45
TE3.2525.90 R
D18.0400.00.18 GR GN39
D18.0400.00.18 GR X400
D18.0400.00.18 GR X800
TE3.MT60.01 EM L GT45
TE3.MT60.01 EM L X600
D10.0150.02.11 NR GN39
D10.0150.02.11 NR GT45
D10.0150.02.11 NR X400
D10.0150.02.11 NR X800
P10.1606.12 E ST
M14.1812.54 FR GT42
M14.1812.54 FR X800
D14.1220.02 AR GN39
D14.1220.02 AR GT45
D14.1220.02 AR X400
D14.1220.02 AR X800
D11.0815.01 ML GT45
D11.0815.01 ML X800
P12.0813.19 M GN39
P12.0813.19 M GT42
P12.0813.19 M X800
E60.0.500.03 R
A06.0198.15.02 AG R X800
G26.2525.06 L
D10.0110.00.10 GR GN39
D10.0110.00.10 GR X800
D10.UN18.02.10 MR GN39
E12.1303.00 V GN39
E12.1303.00 V GT45
E12.1303.00 V X600
E12.1303.00 V X800
Z17.0415.00 S X600
Z17.0415.00 S X800
M14.4125.54 FL GT42
M14.4125.54 FL X800
S14.1208.56 B HM
A04.0100.15.42 VR GN39
A04.0100.15.42 VR GT45
A04.0100.15.42 VR X400
A04.0100.15.42 VR X800
E09.2020.03 R
A06.0016.10 B ST
D14.1416.02 AR GN39
D14.1416.02 AR GT45
D14.1416.02 AR X800
A06.0200.25.62 GL X400
A06.0200.25.62 GL X800
G13.0050.04 L
A06.0078.10.62 GR GN39
A06.0078.10.62 GR X400
A06.0078.10.62 GR X800
TE3.0025.A.00 R
D16.0016.40 HM
G29.0300.10 S GF25
G29.0300.10 S GN39
G29.0300.10 S GT45
G29.0300.10 S X600
G29.0300.10 S X800
TE3.BS11.02 ML X600
M14.2616.54 FR GN39
M14.2616.54 FR GT42
M14.2616.54 FR X800
U06.0300.020.20 G GN39
U06.0300.020.20 G GT42
U06.0300.020.20 G GT57
U06.0300.020.20 G X800
D10.0012.64 HM
G13.0025.04 R
TE3.BS16.02 MR GT45
TE3.BS16.02 MR X600
TE3.BS16.02 MR X800
A07.1835.30.72.20 YUR CBN8
D07.A06.50 HM
A05.0150.20.52 VL GN39
A05.0150.20.52 VL GT45
A05.0150.20.52 VL X400
A05.0150.20.52 VL X800
V22.0020.40 V GN39
V22.0020.40 V GT42
V22.0020.40 V X800
E12.1102.25 F X600
E12.1102.25 F X800
D10.0016.16 ST
D18.0250.02.20 NU L X400
D18.0250.02.20 NU L X800
D16.2240.01 ML X400
D16.2240.01 ML X800
D14.0200.02.17 NR GN39
D14.0200.02.17 NR GT45
D14.0200.02.17 NR X400
D14.0200.02.17 NR X800
A04.0100.15.37 PR GN39
A04.0100.15.37 PR X400
A04.0100.15.37 PR X800
TE3.1810.00 F R X600
TE3.1810.00 F R X800
A06.UN24.01.15.62 MR X400
A06.UN24.01.15.62 MR X800
D11.4545.02 FL X400
D11.4545.02 FL X800
A07.0200.30.72 VL X400
A07.0200.30.72 VL X800
G18.2020.06 L
E90.2020.03 L
E12.0520.00 P L GN39
E12.0520.00 P L GT45
E12.0520.00 P L X600
E12.0520.00 P L X800
A07.0150.30.72 GL GN39
A07.0150.30.72 GL X400
A07.0150.30.72 GL X800
TE3.L300.020 AG L GN39
TE3.L300.020 AG L X600
TE3.L300.020 AG L X800
A06.0060.05.20 AF L GN39
A06.0060.05.20 AF L GT45
A06.0060.05.20 AF L X400
A06.0060.05.20 AF L X800
G29.0610.02 S L GN39
G29.0610.02 S L X600
G29.0610.02 S L X800
D10.4545.02.10 FR GN39
D10.4545.02.10 FR X400
D10.4545.02.10 FR X800
TH2.300.005 NG X600
TH2.300.005 NG X800
E60.1212.23 R
Z50.0025.04 L
A05.0198.20.52 GR X800
D14.0200.02.16 NL GN39
D14.0200.02.16 NL X400
D14.0200.02.16 NL X800
TOA.90C3 R
TE3.2617.00 F R X600
TE3.2617.00 F R X800
V25.0250.02 G GT42
V25.0250.02 G X800
D16.0510.01 ML X800
G29.1118.14 S GN39
G29.1118.14 S GT45
G29.1118.14 S X600
G29.1118.14 S X800
D14.1410.05 AL GN39
D14.1410.05 AL GT45
D14.1410.05 AL X400
D14.1410.05 AL X800
D08.0815.01 ML X800
U18.1609.64 B HM
A06.0150.10.62 GR GN39
A06.0150.10.62 GR GT45
A06.0150.10.62 GR X400
A06.0150.10.62 GR X800
A07.0400.40.20 B GN39
A07.0400.40.20 B X800
V22.0012.24 V GN39
V22.0012.24 V GT42
V22.0012.24 V X800
P12.0110.00 G GN39
P12.0110.00 G GT42
P12.0110.00 G X800
V22.2016.65 A HM
MA3. BS X800
TE3.1616.13 R
A05.0200.15.52 GR GN39
A05.0200.15.52 GR GT45
A05.0200.15.52 GR X400
A05.0200.15.52 GR X800
A07.0150.15.72 GR GN39
A07.0150.15.72 GR GT45
A07.0150.15.72 GR X400
A07.0150.15.72 GR X800
D16.0400.00 GR GN39
D16.0400.00 GR GT45
D16.0400.00 GR X400
D16.0400.00 GR X800
S16.0011.22 V GN39
S16.0011.22 V GT42
S16.0011.22 V X800
A04.0050.09.20 GR GN39
A04.0050.09.20 GR X400
A04.0050.09.20 GR X800
D14.0012.24 VR GN39
D14.0012.24 VR X800
D16.0150.00 GL GN39
D16.0150.00 GL GT45
D16.0150.00 GL X400
D16.0150.00 GL X800
E12.0516.11 P L X600
E12.0516.11 P L X800
A04.UN24.02.15.42 MR GN39
A04.UN24.02.15.42 MR X800
TE3.L200.05 PT R GN39
TE3.L200.05 PT R X800
A04.C070.12.30 GR X800
F12.0800.02 B GF25
F12.0800.02 B GN39
F12.0800.02 B GT42
F12.0800.02 B X800
E12.0160.11 K GN39
E12.0160.11 K GT45
E12.0160.11 K X600
E12.0160.11 K X800
U18.4545.58 F GN39
U18.4545.58 F GT42
U18.4545.58 F X800
TE3.1212.00 R
E30.0025.02 R
E12.0603.33 F X600
E12.0603.33 F X800
E30.0040.04 R
D16.0598.17 B X800
TE3.AC12.01 ML GT45
D16.0157.04 NL GN39
D16.0157.04 NL X800
Z40.1212.02 L
Z40.1212.04 L
MA3. AS GT42
MA3. AS X800
A04.1815.10.32.05 YR GN39
A04.1815.10.32.05 YR GT45
A04.1815.10.32.05 YR X400
A04.1815.10.32.05 YR X800
D14.4787.02 YL GN39
D14.4787.02 YL GT45
D14.4787.02 YL X400
D14.4787.02 YL X800
D16.0157.04 NR X800
S16.0157.02 G GN39
S16.0157.02 G X800
V22.1212.60 E HM
E12.1306.25 F GT45
E12.1306.25 F X600
E12.1306.25 F X800
A04.5045.05.09.00 YL GN39
A04.1820.25.42.15 YUL CBN8
Z53.0032.01 L
G18.2020.06 R
A07.0150.30.72 GR GN39
A07.0150.30.72 GR GT45
A07.0150.30.72 GR X400
A07.0150.30.72 GR X800
D11.1855.02 YU R CBN8
A05.3025.20.52.20 YR X800
Z17.1305.00 V X400
Z17.1305.00 V X800
Z55.0025.04 R
Z55.0025.01 L
D11.0510.01 ML GN39
D11.0510.01 ML X400
D11.0510.01 ML X800
D14.0238.00 GR X800
M14.4060.01 ML GT57
M14.4060.01 ML X800
S14.1208.42 B HM
S14.0.500.08.29 A HM
V32.0300.42 C HF25
V32.0300.42 C HN39
V32.0300.42 C HT42
V32.0300.42 C X808
A04.2015.15.32.15 YL GN39
A04.2015.15.32.15 YL GT45
A04.2015.15.32.15 YL X800
D18.0350.00.18 GL X800
U18.1209.32 A HM
E90.2525.04 R
G14.0040.03 R
U18.0.625.09.32 B HM
D14.1425.52 AR GN39
D14.1425.52 AR GT45
D14.1425.52 AR X400
D14.1425.52 AR X800
A06.1010.25 R
U18.0.625.09.32 A HM
V22.0130.01 G GN39
V22.0130.01 G GT42
V22.0130.01 G GT57
V22.0130.01 G X800
A10.VD25.ME T
D10.3058.02.10 YR GT45
D10.3058.02.10 YR X400
D10.3058.02.10 YR X800
E30.0032.04 R
Z53.0032.01 R
S14.0.625.08.16 A ST
A04.0016.0076.A04 CR
Z17.1609.33 F X600
Z17.1609.33 F X800
D11.1325.02 ML X800
E68.1212.11 L
A07.0200.30.72 VR GN39
A07.0200.30.72 VR X400
A07.0200.30.72 VR X800
A04.1C12.10.27.15 YUL GT91
D10.1020.01.10 MR GN39
D10.1020.01.10 MR GT45
D10.1020.01.10 MR X400
D10.1020.01.10 MR X800
A06.0150.35.62 GR X400
A06.0150.35.62 GR X800
U06.0130.000.18 G GT42
U06.0130.000.18 G X800
V22.1311.25 A ST
A06.0117.20.62 GL X800
V22.0.625.12.60 B HM
A06.0045.11.20 AF L GN39
A06.0045.11.20 AF L X400
A06.0045.11.20 AF L X800
D08.0160.00 GR GT45
D08.0160.00 GR X800
Z17.3118.53 F X800
E12.0516.00 P R GN39
E12.0516.00 P R GT45
E12.0516.00 P R X600
E12.0516.00 P R X800
Z53.0025.01 R
A04.0070.12.30 GR GN39
A04.0070.12.30 GR GT45
A04.0070.12.30 GR X400
A04.0070.12.30 GR X800
A04.M045.01.06.17 ML GN39
A04.M045.01.06.17 ML X800
E12.0185.40 C HF25
E12.0185.40 C HT45
E12.0185.40 C X408
D11.1020.02 ML GN39
D11.1020.02 ML X400
D11.1020.02 ML X800
MA3. AG X800
A07.1835.45.72.20 YL GN39
A07.1835.45.72.20 YL GT45
A07.1835.45.72.20 YL X400
A07.1835.45.72.20 YL X800
A06.4545.25.62 FL GN39
A06.4545.25.62 FL GT45
A06.4545.25.62 FL X800
A06.0100.15.62 GR GN39
A06.0100.15.62 GR GT45
A06.0100.15.62 GR X400
A06.0100.15.62 GR X800
P10.1206.30 E HM
V28.2013.35 B HM
D10.NP18.02.10 ML X800
A04.1812.10.27.15 YL GT45
A04.1812.10.27.15 YL X400
A04.1812.10.27.15 YL X800
TE3.1616.45 L
A06.1830.25.62.20 YUR CBN8
A06.1830.25.62.20 YUR GT91
D16.0510.02 ML GN39
D16.0510.02 ML X800
D18.0200.02.20 NR X400
D18.0200.02.20 NR X800
A04.0100.15.42 VL X400
A04.0100.15.42 VL X800
G29.0712.01 S R GN39
G29.0712.01 S R GT45
G29.0712.01 S R X600
D16.0200.00 GR CBN8
D16.0200.00 GR GN39
D16.0200.00 GR GT45
D16.0200.00 GR X400
D16.0200.00 GR X800
G29.0400.10 G GT45
G29.0400.10 G X800
E30.0032.04 L
A04.4710.10.22.10 YL X800
A07.0157.10.72 GL GN39
V32.0300.02 G GN39
V32.0300.02 G GT42
V32.0300.02 G X800
TE3.R100.12 PT R GN39
TE3.R100.12 PT R X600
TE3.R100.12 PT R X800
TE3.0200.10 V L GN39
TE3.0200.10 V L GT45
TE3.0200.10 V L X600
TE3.0200.10 V L X800
A06.0239.15.01 AG L GN39
A06.0239.15.01 AG L X800
G10.2525.06 L
A06.0078.30.62 GR X400
A06.0078.30.62 GR X800
Z40.2525.02 L
A05.1825.20.52.05 YR GN39
A05.1825.20.52.05 YR GT45
A05.1825.20.52.05 YR X400
A05.1825.20.52.05 YR X800
V22.1612.60 B HM
A05.3025.30.52.20 YL GN39
A05.3025.30.52.20 YL X800
Z17.1101.25 F X800
A04.1C15.20.32.15 YUL GT91
TE3.0160.00 G R GN39
TE3.0160.00 G R GT45
TE3.0160.00 G R X600
TE3.0160.00 G R X800
A05.0100.20.52 PR GN39
A05.0100.20.52 PR GT45
A05.0100.20.52 PR X400
A05.0100.20.52 PR X800
G29.1525.02 S L GT45
G29.1525.02 S L X600
E60.3232.01 R
A05.0.625.20 L
V28.1525.01 M GN39
V28.1525.01 M GT42
V28.1525.01 M X800
D14.1220.01 MR X800
A07.0022.C L
A05.1825.15.52.20 YUR CBN8
A05.1825.15.52.20 YUR GT91
A05.1825.15.52.20 YUR X800
G24.3225.04 L
E60.0.750.04 L
A07.0157.20.72 GL GN39
TE3.1216.13 R
G19.2525.04 R
V22.0005.10 V GN39
V22.0005.10 V GT42
V22.0005.10 V X800
D08.0810.00 PL GN39
D08.0810.00 PL GT45
D08.0810.00 PL X800
D16.2140.02 MR X400
D16.2140.02 MR X800
TE3.2525.00 R
G29.0712.02 S R GN39
G29.0712.02 S R GT45
G29.0712.02 S R X600
G29.0712.02 S R X800
E09.2020.02 R
A05.1825.30.52.05 YR GN39
A05.1825.30.52.05 YR GT45
A05.1825.30.52.05 YR X400
A05.1825.30.52.05 YR X800
E30.0040.01 L
E12.0613.00 P R GN39
E12.0613.00 P R GT45
E12.0613.00 P R X600
E12.0613.00 P R X800
E09.3232.02 R
A04.UN28.02.15.39 ML X800
V28.0.625.14.42 A HM
M14.0815.01 MR GT42
M14.0815.01 MR X800
G24.2525.03 L
D16.0157.02 NL X800
A04.0070.08.30 GL GN39
A04.0070.08.30 GL X400
A04.0070.08.30 GL X800
E12.1810.33 F GN39
E12.1810.33 F X600
E12.1810.33 F X800
E12.1070.00 Z HN39
E12.1070.00 Z HT45
E12.1070.00 Z X408
E12.1070.00 Z X808
TE3.TR60.02 M L GN39
TE3.TR60.02 M L GT45
TE3.TR60.02 M L X600
A06.0.625.25 L
E60.1212.02 R
D16.0011.22 VR GN39
D16.0011.22 VR GT45
D16.0011.22 VR X400
D16.0011.22 VR X800
G13.0050.06 R
TE3.0300.15 V L GT45
TE3.0300.15 V L GT90
TE3.0300.15 V L X600
TE3.0300.15 V L X800
V22.4120.55 F GN39
V22.4120.55 F X800
A06.1616.25 L
A05.0020.C L
A05.0117.35.52 GL GN39
TE3.1216.00 R
U06.0200.020.18 G GN39
U06.0200.020.18 G GT42
U06.0200.020.18 G X800
G29.0040.20 G GT45
G29.0040.20 G X600
G29.0040.20 G X800
A04.MT05.01.15.42 MR GN39
A04.MT05.01.15.42 MR GT45
A04.MT05.01.15.42 MR X800
D10.0917.02.10 MR GN39
D10.0917.02.10 MR X800
V22.2140.02 M GN39
V22.2140.02 M GT42
V22.2140.02 M X800
A05.0078.10.52 GR GN39
A05.0078.10.52 GR GT45
A05.0078.10.52 GR X400
A05.0078.10.52 GR X800
V28.0250.02.09 G GF25
V28.0250.02.09 G GN39
V28.0250.02.09 G GT42
V28.0250.02.09 G X800
E60.3232.02 L
D10.2056.02.10 YR GT45
D10.2056.02.10 YR X400
D10.2056.02.10 YR X800
D08.0117.02 NL X800
A05.0100.15.52 PL X400
A05.0100.15.52 PL X800
G14.0032.03 R
A04.1807.09.17.10 YR GN39
A04.1807.09.17.10 YR GT45
A04.1807.09.17.10 YR X400
A04.1807.09.17.10 YR X800
F12.1200.03 B GF25
F12.1200.03 B GN39
F12.1200.03 B GT42
F12.1200.03 B X800
V06.0150.010.28 G GN39
V06.0150.010.28 G GT42
V06.0150.010.28 G X800
A06.0.500.25 R
A08.VD25.ME T
A06.1830.20.62.20 YUL CBN8
A06.1830.20.62.20 YUL GT91
U18.0.500.09.64 A HM
E69.2525.03 L
A07.0397.40.20 B X800
V22.0.625.12.24 B ST
D14.0300.02.16 NR GN39
D14.0300.02.16 NR GT45
D14.0300.02.16 NR X400
D14.0300.02.16 NR X800
V22.0356.02 G X800
TE3.0130.00 G L GN39
TE3.0130.00 G L GT45
TE3.0130.00 G L X600
TE3.0130.00 G L X800
D16.SB25.40 ZB
E60.2525.03 R
A07.1835.50.72.20 YUL CBN8
D10.0004.08.10 VR GN39
D10.0004.08.10 VR GT45
D10.0004.08.10 VR X400
D10.0004.08.10 VR X800
U18.0.625.09.45 B HM
V28.0.625.14.85 A HM
M14.0054.02 GR GN39
M14.0054.02 GR GT42
M14.0054.02 GR X800
D10.0813.19.10 ML X800
U18.1613.66 A HM
TE3.MT25.02 EM R GN39
TE3.MT25.02 EM R GT45
TE3.MT25.02 EM R X600
TOA.E60.V1.23 L
TE3.0060.00 G R HN39
TE3.0060.00 G R HT45
TE3.0060.00 G R X408
TE3.0060.00 G R X808
Z33.0020.01 L
TOA.G18.V1.04 R
V22.1630.02 M GN39
V22.1630.02 M GT42
V22.1630.02 M X800
A06.0157.20.62 GR X800
A06.0078.35.62 GR X800
TF3.00.1616.C.12.00 L
G14.0050.03 L
Z45.0020.02 R
A06.0117.15.62 GR X400
A06.0117.15.62 GR X800
A04.M050.01.07.24 MR GN39
A04.M050.01.07.24 MR GT45
A04.M050.01.07.24 MR X800
D10.0510.02.10 ML X800
A04.0016.C R
Z17.4120.53 F X800
A04.1C04.04.10.10 YUR GT91
D14.0006.12 VR GN39
D14.0006.12 VR GT45
D14.0006.12 VR X800
Z30.0020.04 L
A05.0100.25.52 GL GT45
A05.0100.25.52 GL X800
A06.MT15.02.15.62 ML X400
A06.MT15.02.15.62 ML X800
D08.0070.00 ZL X800
M14.0215.42 CL HF25
TE3.2525.15 R
TE3.0060.00 G L HN39
TE3.0060.00 G L HT45
TE3.0060.00 G L X808
A04.1C04.06.10.10 YUR GT91
A05.1825.10.52.20 YL GN39
A05.1825.10.52.20 YL GT45
A05.1825.10.52.20 YL X400
A05.1825.10.52.20 YL X800
D18.0250.00.20 GR GN39
D18.0250.00.20 GR X400
D18.0250.00.20 GR X800
E09.2525.02 L
G18.0.625.03 R
A04.1815.10.32.15 YUR CBN8
P10.0.625.07.25 B HM
E12.1080.00 Z HN39
E12.1080.00 Z X408
E12.1080.00 Z X808
A04.1820.10.42.05 YR GN39
A04.1820.10.42.05 YR GT45
A04.1820.10.42.05 YR X400
A04.1820.10.42.05 YR X800
A07.1835.50.72.20 YUR CBN8
D18.0250.00.18 GR GN39
D18.0250.00.18 GR X400
D18.0250.00.18 GR X800
TE3.TR40.02 M L X600
V22.0014.28 V GN39
V22.0014.28 V GT42
V22.0014.28 V X800
A06.0100.20.62 GL GN39
A06.0100.20.62 GL X400
A06.0100.20.62 GL X800
E12.3020.02 A R GN39
E12.3020.02 A R GT45
E12.3020.02 A R X600
E12.3020.02 A R X800
G14.0050.04 R
A04.1C15.20.32.15 YL X800
D11.0150.00 GR GN39
D11.0150.00 GR GT45
D11.0150.00 GR X400
D11.0150.00 GR X800
A06.1830.15.62.20 YUR CBN8
A06.1830.15.62.20 YUR GT91
A05.0.625.20 R
V22.0475.02 G GN39
V22.0475.02 G X800
E60.1212.23 L
A06.1830.25.62.20 YL GN39
A06.1830.25.62.20 YL GT45
A06.1830.25.62.20 YL X400
A06.1830.25.62.20 YL X800
D10.0.500.64 HM
TE3.MT30.01 IM R GT45
TE3.MT30.01 IM R X400
D08.2555.02 YR GN39
D08.2555.02 YR GT45
D08.2555.02 YR X800
U18.0117.058 V GT42
U18.0117.058 V X800
A07.0100.30.72 GL X400
A07.0100.30.72 GL X800
MA3.800.22.16.00 AS X800
U18.1612.45 B HM
TE3.1616.00 L
D14.0130.00 GR GN39
D14.0130.00 GR GT45
D14.0130.00 GR X400
D14.0130.00 GR X800
G18.2020.02 L
A06.0250.15.02 AV L X800
A06.0117.20.62 GR GN39
D16.0350.00 GR GN39
D16.0350.00 GR GT45
D16.0350.00 GR X400
D16.0350.00 GR X800
A04.1812.10.27.15 YUL CBN8
V32.0600.42 C HF25
V32.0600.42 C HN39
V32.0600.42 C HT42
V32.0600.42 C X808
U18.0510.01 M GN39
U18.0510.01 M GT42
U18.0510.01 M X800
M14.0515.42 CL HF25
A07.0402.25.20 B GN39
A07.0402.25.20 B X800
Z40.2020.03 R
D14.1224.52 AL X800
G10.2020.06 R
V28.0015.30 V X800
A07.0200.20.72 GL X400
A07.0200.20.72 GL X800
D14.0250.02.17 NR GN39
D14.0250.02.17 NR GT45
D14.0250.02.17 NR X800
D16.0090.00 ZR GN39
D16.0090.00 ZR X400
D16.0090.00 ZR X800
E12.1090.00 Z X408
E12.1090.00 Z X808
D16.0130.00 GL X400
D16.0130.00 GL X800
D16.0.625.56 HM
E12.0318.00 G X600
E12.0318.00 G X800
D16.1225.40 SB
Z50.0032.02 R
A07.0150.20.72 GL GT45
A07.0150.20.72 GL X400
A07.0150.20.72 GL X800
D10.0205.02.10 ML X800
G18.2525.06 L
TE3.0080.00 G L HT45
TE3.0080.00 G L X408
TE3.0080.00 G L X808
D14.1220.52 AR GN39
D14.1220.52 AR GT45
D14.1220.52 AR X400
D14.1220.52 AR X800
G19.2020.04 L
U18.0300.02 G GN39
U18.0300.02 G GT42
U18.0300.02 G X800
E12.3030.02 A R X600
E12.3030.02 A R X800
G18.2020.04 L
A05.0100.15.52 GR GN39
A05.0100.15.52 GR GT45
A05.0100.15.52 GR X400
A05.0100.15.52 GR X800
A07.1835.35.72.20 YUR CBN8
A04.1807.06.17.05 YL GN39
A04.1807.06.17.05 YL GT45
A04.1807.06.17.05 YL X400
A04.1807.06.17.05 YL X800
V22.0265.02 G GN39
V22.0265.02 G GT42
V22.0265.02 G GT57
V22.0265.02 G X800
A04.1817.25.37.10 YL X800
A04.1804.04.10.10 YL X400
A04.1804.04.10.10 YL X800
A04.5C45.05.09.00 YR GT45
A04.5C45.05.09.00 YR X800
M14.0215.02 GR GN39
M14.0215.02 GR GT42
M14.0215.02 GR X800
E12.0100.05 V GF25
E12.0100.05 V GN39
E12.0100.05 V GT45
E12.0100.05 V X600
E12.0100.05 V X800
D14.0086.00 ZL GN39
A06.UN16.01.15.62 ML GN39
A06.UN16.01.15.62 ML X800
E90.3232.02 R
A05.0078.10.52 GL GT45
A05.0078.10.52 GL X800
P12.2530.01 M GN39
P12.2530.01 M GT42
P12.2530.01 M X800
D18.4712.02.18 YR GN39
D18.4712.02.18 YR X400
D18.4712.02.18 YR X800
G13.0032.03 R
A06.MT15.02.15.62 MR GN39
A06.MT15.02.15.62 MR GT45
A06.MT15.02.15.62 MR X400
A06.MT15.02.15.62 MR X800
A04.1804.06.10.10 YR GN39
A04.1804.06.10.10 YR GT45
A04.1804.06.10.10 YR X400
A04.1804.06.10.10 YR X800
D10.0110.00.10 GL GN39
A04.1820.15.42.05 YR GN39
A04.1820.15.42.05 YR GT45
A04.1820.15.42.05 YR X400
A04.1820.15.42.05 YR X800
A05.0016.C R
Z53.0032.02 R
F65.2020.04.50 R
A05.1825.30.52.20 YUR CBN8
A05.1825.30.52.20 YUR GT91
V22.0200.02 G GN39
V22.0200.02 G GT42
V22.0200.02 G GT57
V22.0200.02 G X800
V28.1614.85 E HM
D16.1897.02 YL CBN8
D16.1897.02 YL GN39
D16.1897.02 YL X400
D16.1897.02 YL X800
S14.0100.01 G GT42
S14.0100.01 G X800
A04.2015.15.32.15 YR GT45
A04.2015.15.32.15 YR X400
A04.2015.15.32.15 YR X800
E60.0.750.23 L
D10.0510.01.10 MR GN39
D10.0510.01.10 MR GT45
D10.0510.01.10 MR X400
D10.0510.01.10 MR X800
V28.0300.42 C HF25
A04.5035.03.07.00 YL GN39
A06.0150.15.62 GR GN39
A06.0150.15.62 GR GT45
A06.0150.15.62 GR X400
A06.0150.15.62 GR X800
G29.0915.02 S L GN39
G29.0915.02 S L GT45
G29.0915.02 S L X600
G29.0915.02 S L X800
E12.0223.30 J GN39
E12.0223.30 J GT45
E12.0223.30 J X600
E12.0223.30 J X800
TOA.90C6 L
V28.0300.02 G GN39
V28.0300.02 G GT42
V28.0300.02 G GT57
V28.0300.02 G X800
U18.1209.45 E HM
Z17.1044.00 Z X408
A04.2015.20.32.15 YR X400
A04.2015.20.32.15 YR X800
A04.4715.15.32.10 YR GF25
A04.4715.15.32.10 YR GN39
A04.4715.15.32.10 YR GT45
A04.4715.15.32.10 YR X800
M14.1535.01 ML GT42
M14.1535.01 ML X800
A04.0078.20.42 GL X400
A04.0078.20.42 GL X800
A07.0100.40.72 GR GN39
A07.0100.40.72 GR GT45
A07.0100.40.72 GR X400
A07.0100.40.72 GR X800
TH2.150.020 NG GN39
TH2.150.020 NG GT45
TH2.150.020 NG X600
TH2.150.020 NG X800
E30.0032.03 R
E30.0025.01 R
D16.0815.02 MR GN39
D16.0815.02 MR X400
D16.0815.02 MR X800
Z17.1306.25 F X600
Z17.1306.25 F X800
MA3.300.16.16.00 AS X800
E30.0040.03 L
A06.0150.10.62 GL X400
A06.0150.10.62 GL X800
A06.UN24.01.15.62 ML GN39
A06.UN24.01.15.62 ML X800
V22.1105.30 F GN39
V22.1105.30 F X800
Z17.0130.00 S GF25
Z17.0130.00 S GT45
Z17.0130.00 S X600
Z17.0130.00 S X800
Z40.2020.04 R
D10.UN16.02.10 MR GN39
V22.4545.58 F GN39
V22.4545.58 F GT42
V22.4545.58 F X800
D10.1118.14.10 ML X800
G29.0050.25 G X800
G10.1616.02 L
A05.0150.30.52 GL X800
E12.1080.27 E L GN39
E12.1080.27 E L X600
E12.1080.27 E L X800
D08.0086.00 GR X800
D10.0150.02.10 NR GN39
D10.0150.02.10 NR GT45
D10.0150.02.10 NR X400
D10.0150.02.10 NR X800
TE0.1616.10 L
A07.0117.15.72 GR GN39
A04.9015.12.32.15 YL GN39
A04.9015.12.32.15 YL X800
A04.0070.16.30 GR X400
A04.0070.16.30 GR X800
V22.5511.02 M GN39
V22.5511.02 M GT42
V22.5511.02 M X800
S14.1208.56 A HM
P10.1607.25 A HM
U18.1835.01 M GN39
U18.1835.01 M GT42
U18.1835.01 M X800
A04.2012.10.27.15 YR GN39
A04.2012.10.27.15 YR GT45
A04.2012.10.27.15 YR X400
A04.2012.10.27.15 YR X800
E60.2525.01 L
TE3.5130.00 F R GN39
TE3.5130.00 F R X600
TE3.5130.00 F R X800
M14.0515.02 GR GN39
M14.0515.02 GR GT42
M14.0515.02 GR X800
Z17.1054.00 Z X408
G29.0020.10 S GF25
G29.0020.10 S GN39
G29.0020.10 S GT45
G29.0020.10 S X600
G29.0020.10 S X800
M80.0080.08 R
D14.1425.12 AL X800
A07.1835.25.72.20 YL GN39
A07.1835.25.72.20 YL GT45
A07.1835.25.72.20 YL X400
A07.1835.25.72.20 YL X800
E60.2020.01 R
D11.1855.02 YU L CBN8
D16.0.625.22 ST
E12.0400.02 N GN39
E12.0400.02 N GT45
E12.0400.02 N X600
E12.0400.02 N X800
E69.2525.02 R
A06.0100.10.62 GL GN39
A06.0100.10.62 GL X400
A06.0100.10.62 GL X800
TE3.2616.00 F R X600
TE3.2616.00 F R X800
D08.0010.20 VR GN39
D08.0010.20 VR GT45
D08.0010.20 VR X800
A05.0078.30.52 GR X800
D14.0815.01 ML GN39
D14.0815.01 ML GT45
D14.0815.01 ML X800
TE3.R200.020 AG L X600
TE3.R200.020 AG L X800
E60.0.625.04 R
A05.MT07.01.15.51 ML X800
D14.0.625.20 ST
D14.0090.00 ZL X800
G18.0.750.03 R
U18.0.625.13.66 A HM
V22.1308.30 F GT42
V22.1308.30 F X800
G24.3225.03 L
A06.0300.15.02 AV L GN39
A06.0300.15.02 AV L X400
A06.0300.15.02 AV L X800
V22.1020.01 M GN39
V22.1020.01 M GT42
V22.1020.01 M X800
Z45.0032.02 R
G14.0032.06 R
MA3.400.13.16.00 AS X800
V28.2014.35 B ST
D18.4714.02.20 YR GN39
D18.4714.02.20 YR X400
D18.4714.02.20 YR X800
U18.1020.02 M GN39
D08.0198.00 GR X800
D10.0200.02.10 NL X400
D10.0200.02.10 NL X800
TE3.R100.06 PS L X600
TE3.R100.06 PS L X800
N10.4023.02 GR MN39
A05.0078.20.52 GL X800
V22.0415.02 G GN39
V22.0415.02 G GT42
V22.0415.02 G GT57
V22.0415.02 G X800
TE3.0515.00 G R GN39
TE3.0515.00 G R GT45
TE3.0515.00 G R X600
TE3.0515.00 G R X800
D14.1220.02 AL GN39
D14.1220.02 AL GT45
D14.1220.02 AL X400
D14.1220.02 AL X800
A06.0100.15.01 AV R GN39
A06.0100.15.01 AV R GT45
A06.0100.15.01 AV R X400
A06.0100.15.01 AV R X800
MA3.500.22.16.00 BS X800
D16.0016.80 B HM
D14.0810.00 PL GN39
E12.0160.00 G GK10
E12.0160.00 G GN39
E12.0160.00 G GT45
E12.0160.00 G X600
E12.0160.00 G X800
P10.1206.21 A HM
E60.1616.03 R
U06.0300.020.18 G GN39
U06.0300.020.18 G GT42
U06.0300.020.18 G X800
D14.1887.02 YU R CBN8
D14.1887.02 YU R GT91
V28.2013.35 A HM
U18.0.625.09.64 B HM
A05.MT05.01.15.52 MR GN39
A05.MT05.01.15.52 MR GT45
A05.MT05.01.15.52 MR X800
A07.0157.30.72 VL X800
D10.SA05.01.10 ML GT45
D10.SA05.01.10 ML X400
D10.SA05.01.10 ML X800
V28.2013.35 E HM
G18.2525.03 R
V06.4545.020.22 F GN39
V06.4545.020.22 F GT42
V06.4545.020.22 F X800
V28.2020.90 E SM
TOA.90C6 R
TE3.1.000.C.00 L
A06.0020.C R
E69.2525.01 L
A04.4712.15.27.10 YL GT45
A04.4712.15.27.10 YL X800
V33.0110.42.10 C HF25
V33.0110.42.10 C HN39
V33.0110.42.10 C HT42
V33.0110.42.10 C X808
A06.4730.30.62.15 YL GN39
A06.4730.30.62.15 YL GT45
A06.4730.30.62.15 YL X400
A06.4730.30.62.15 YL X800
E69.2525.03 R
D11.0006.12 VL GT45
D11.0006.12 VL X400
D11.0006.12 VL X800
E12.0315.00 GU X408
A05.0157.20.52 GR GN39
A05.0157.20.52 GR X400
A05.0157.20.52 GR X800
A05.0.500.20 R
E12.0315.11 K X600
E12.0315.11 K X800
E30.0025.02 L
E09.2020.04 L
D14.1230.02 AR GN39
D14.1230.02 AR X400
D14.1230.02 AR X800
G10.2020.04 L
G78.2020.02 L
D14.A.0016.20 ST R
Z40.2525.04 R
D08.0004.08 VL X800
P10.1606.12 A ST
G29.0600.34 S GN39
G29.0600.34 S GT45
G29.0600.34 S X600
G29.0600.34 S X800
E90.1616.02 L
G13.0032.06 L
A05.1825.15.52.20 YUL CBN8
S14.1308.25 A ST
V22.4125.55 F X800
U18.0.625.09.25 A HM
Z17.1812.33 F GT45
Z17.1812.33 F X600
Z17.1812.33 F X800
D16.0015.30 VL GN39
D16.0015.30 VL X400
D16.0015.30 VL X800
E68.1616.11 R
TE3.R150.020 AG L X600
TE3.R150.020 AG L X800
A05.0016.08 B ST
U06.0720.01.18 M GN39
U06.0720.01.18 M GT42
U06.0720.01.18 M X800
A06.0198.15.62 GR X800
G18.3225.06 R
E60.1616.23 R
D16.0400.00 GL X400
D16.0400.00 GL X800
E90.3232.01 L
V28.1614.42 E HM
V22.2545.01 M GN39
V22.2545.01 M GT42
V22.2545.01 M X800
D10.AC06.01.11 MR X400
D10.AC06.01.11 MR X800
D14.0090.00 ZR GN39
D14.0090.00 ZR GT45
D14.0090.00 ZR X800
D18.0400.00.20 GL X800
D11.0157.00 GR X800
A04.1807.06.17.10 YR GN39
A04.1807.06.17.10 YR GT45
A04.1807.06.17.10 YR X400
A04.1807.06.17.10 YR X800
A05.0100.10.52 GR GN39
A05.0100.10.52 GR GT45
A05.0100.10.52 GR X400
A05.0100.10.52 GR X800
E12.0415.00 G GF25
E12.0415.00 G GN39
E12.0415.00 G GT45
E12.0415.00 G X600
E12.0415.00 G X800
TOA.G18.V1.06 R
A06.0198.15.01 AG R X400
A06.0198.15.01 AG R X800
D10.0917.01.10 MR X400
D10.0917.01.10 MR X800
D14.0.500.34 HM
A04.1C10.13.22.10 YL X800
A05.1825.35.52.20 YL GN39
A05.1825.35.52.20 YL GT45
A05.1825.35.52.20 YL X400
A05.1825.35.52.20 YL X800
D10.0150.02.10 NL GN39
D10.0150.02.10 NL X400
D10.0150.02.10 NL X800
F12.1615.00 M GF25
F12.1615.00 M GK10
A06.MT15.01.20.62 ML GN39
A06.MT15.01.20.62 ML X800
D08.0150.02 NR GN39
D08.0150.02 NR GT45
D08.0150.02 NR X800
E12.0250.04 N GN39
E12.0250.04 N GT45
E12.0250.04 N X600
E12.0250.04 N X800
TE3.MT10.01 EM R GN39
TE3.MT10.01 EM R GT45
TE3.MT10.01 EM R X600
TE3.MT10.01 EM R X800
D10.0004.08.10 VL X400
D10.0004.08.10 VL X800
V28.0250.02 G GF25
V28.0250.02 G GN39
V28.0250.02 G GT42
V28.0250.02 G X800
D08.0010.20 VL GN39
D08.0010.20 VL GT45
D08.0010.20 VL X800
A04.0100.10.37 PR GN39
A04.0100.10.37 PR GT45
A04.0100.10.37 PR X400
A04.0100.10.37 PR X800
V06.1525.01.28 M X800
P10.0.500.07.30 B HM
TE3.3225.17 L
U18.0015.30 V GT42
U18.0015.30 V X800
A05.2025.20.52.20 YL GN39
A05.2025.20.52.20 YL X400
A05.2025.20.52.20 YL X800
D16.2140.02 ML X800
D08.0205.01 ML X800
A04.1212.15 L
S16.2530.01 M GN39
S16.2530.01 M GT42
S16.2530.01 M X800