Applitec Moutier SA

Applitec Moutier SA was founded in 1987 by Mr. Marcel Schaller in Moutier, Switzerland. Early 1988, his son Mr. Vincent Schaller joined him and they started to produce special tools and a new range of turning tools with carbide inserts (first own development). The success of Applitec tools was immediate, and a new factory of 600 sqm was built in 1989.
Applitec employed 12 persons at the end of 1989. In 1995, 900 additional sqm were built next to the first building. Applitec employed ca. 25 persons. In1998, Mr. Vincent Schaller succeeds to his father as general manager and CEO.
In 2001, Applitec built a separate workshop for mechanical engineering. In 2007, the mechanical department moved for a bigger building. A new production plant for CNC machines (mainly production of inserts and micro end mills) was founded in 2005. Cutting Tool, Inserts, Top-Line, Top-Watch, Trio-Line, Eco-Line, Iso-LineCut-Line, Modu-Line, Tooling-Line, Micro-Line, Circo-Line, Blank Inserts, Turning, Parting off, Grooving, Threading

The Applitec brand includes the following products:

— Inserts
— Tool Holders
— Chamfering Tools
— Drills
— End Mills
— Knurling Wheels
— Milling Arbors
— Reamers
— Saw Blades