Tool Factory Fanar Joint Stock Company is a leading manufacturer of cutting tools for metalworking. For 50 years, we focus on innovation, quality and continous development. Our knowledge and experience,which is supported by newest technology and modern stock of machine tools allow us to offer innovative products meeting highest quality requirements. We are trusted supplier in the country and abroad. We are cooperating with the world’s biggest producers of such indrusties as: automotive, aerospace, medical, home appliances and many others.
A wide range of products supported by service, technical advice, and IT new solutions in customer service ensure a high level of customer satisfaction.
We supply a wide range of cutting tools, we specialize in shank tools for machining holes. We offer a wide range of tools for threading, drilling, milling and turning, also accesories useful in machining.

FANAR product includes:
— High performance machine taps
— Forming taps
— Solid carbide end mills
— Solid carbide thread mills
— Hand taps
— Screwing dies
— Drilling tools
— Gauges and calibration
— Tap holders
— Tool kits
— Special production
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