Website: www.widinus.com

Since its establishment in 1988, WIDIN CO.LTD. has been committed to pursue the utmost customer satisfaction for the current and potential customers in the globalized market.
Effective late 2018, WIDIN became a proud member of the DINE Inc. (www.dine.co.kr/eng). This business integration accelerates opportunities for growth, new product development, process cost reductions and product quality improvements for WIDIN.
WIDIN emerged in the North American tooling market with the mission to build a strong brand name by providing short lead-time of high-quality products. WIDIN's North American operations are located in Schaumburg, Illinois and our 9,000-square foot facility carries over 90% of our products.

Besides broad line of general purpose end mills and drills, WIDIN continues to add new tools for end-users; expanding our products portfolio especially for the mold, tool and die, automotive, aerospace and medical industries. In addition, WIDIN also offer complementary lines of products such as taps, live centers, indexable cutting tools, machine holders and much more.

WIDIN product includes:

— End Mill
— Drill
— Live Center
— Centering Tool
— Tool Holder
— Tap
— Overstock Products
— Special Quotes