Carbide Cutting Tools 7LEADERS

7-Leaders Corp. specializes in production and marketing of Tungsten Carbide Cutting Tools such as End Mills, Drills and Reamers...etc. Since its establishment in 1990 by Mr. Jack Lee, the company provides high quality products and services along with the trade mark "7-Leaders" all over the world.
7-Leaders manufactures solid carbide tooling for Mold & Die, Automotive, Aerospace, 3C, Machine Tools industry, Watches, Optical, and Medical sectors. Our products have been distributed in the Europe, Asia, Central America, Brazil, and many other nations.
We’re going to integrate all kinds of cutting tools services, providing the best quality products to our customers. Our goal to become a top quality manufacturer and brand in the field of professional cutting tools.

— Universal End Mills and Finishing End Mills
— Ball Nose End Mills
— End Mills with Corner Radius
— End Mills for Rib Processing
— Short End Mills For Lathe
— Multipurpose End Mills
— End Mills for Stainless and End Mills for Titanium
— End Mills for Aluminium
— Routers for Composite Materials
— End Mills for Graphite
— JIS Drills
— DIN High Performance End Mills
— ANSI(mm) End Mills
— DIN Drills
— DIN Reamers
— ANSI(INCH) End Mills
— ANSI(INCH) Drills
— Thread Mills
— Interchangeable Multi-purpose End Mill Cutter
— Economy End Mills