Palbit S.A.


Established in 1916, Palbit is one of the most experienced tool manufacturers in Europe. Although initially focussed on the mining industry and extracting copper and zinc, as well as the development and production of mining tools, since 1952 the company has concentrated on manufacturing carbide tools. Today, Palbit offers a wide production range, from powder manufacturing and indexable insert pressing, to the manufacture of support tools. As a full-service provider, the company facilitates standard and customer-made special solutions in machining technology.
PALBIT is a reference brand as a global supplier of tungsten carbide tooling. Our products are recognized as technologically advanced, who incorporate years of knowledge, on highly complex metallurgy and materials science intungsten carbide powders, high-speed steels, ceramics, diamond and other materials that are particularly resistant to heat, abrasion, pressure and wear. 
PALBIT as a extensive range of solutions for industries as aerospace, automotive, mould & die, power generation and transmission equipment, oil and gas exploration our Cutting tools division produces tungsten carbideinserts and tool holders for turning, milling, threading, drilling for the most comum metal cutting applications, the Industrial tools division manufactures a number of custom tools to fit our customer’s specific needs, such as dies, mandrels, punches, parts for the chemical sector, drawing tools for tubes and bars, stamping tools, special wear parts, our Rock tools division, is specialized in tools for mine drilling and stone machining containing tungsten carbide, namely integral drills, rods, hand tools, blades, bits and others.
Palbit has 3 business areas - Cutting tools, Industrial tools and Rock tools.
Cutting tools. The cutting tools business area designs and manufactures high-performance cutting tools for a wide range of applications. Cutting tools are designed in accordance with ISO or special geometries, for the most demanding applications. The materials used in its production range from hard metal, ceramic or polycrystalline diamond. We have a complete range for milling, turning, drilling and special tools. We serve the major industries like automotive, aeronautic, mould, medical, stamping and general metalworking industries.
Industrial tools. In the wear tools business area we do all kind of special tools for different areas, like chemical sector, aeronautics, electronics, bearing and high-precision instruments. A very diverse range of industrial and domestic sectors, with all one thing in common: the critical need for resistance to impact, corrosion and wear. Our wear parts are designed for improving the performance, increasing the productivity and increasing the lifetime of products.
Rock tools. The Rock Tools business area has a wide range of solutions for the work on the quarries, construction and mines. This solutions includes drilling tools, finishing stone tools and splitting tools.

PALBIT product includes:
— Cutting Tools
Inserts, Indexable Milling, Drilling, ISO Turning Tools, Grooving & Parting Off Tools, Threading, Toolholding Systems, Spare Parts
— Wear Parts
Parts for Chemical Sector, Drawing Tools for Tubes & Bars, Raw Parts, Stamping Tools, Special Wear Parts
— Rock Tools
Drilling Equipment, Finishing Stone Tools, Splitting Tools