OK-VISE Workholding Clamps and Accessories

OK-VISE is a well-recognized international trademark, best known as an original inventor and manufacturer of the wedge-operated Low-profile Clamps. Today our Fixturing Concept includes several systems, which enable customers to build fixturing with ease never previously experienced.
OK-VISE products are used in workholding, especially in fixtures used in machining centers and milling machines. With OK-VISE components a variety of workpiece types, sizes and materials can be securely held on all possible workholding platforms.
As the original inventor of the wedge-operated low-profile clamp, OK-VISE has introduced hydraulic actuators that are optimized to utilize the well-known properties of the OK-VISE clamp: extreme clamping force in a small space combined with the accuracy of the clamping force. As an integral part of the OK-VISE Fixturing Concept, hydraulic actuators can be used to build truly modular fixtures.Hydraulic clamping can used in combination with

  • Automated or manual workpiece loading
  • Vertical or horizontal machining centers and 5-axis machines
  • Live systems (continuous pressure supply) or decoupled system

OK-VISE is continuously developing new automated modules for robotic loading, and also for manually operated systems where automation saves operator’s loading time and improves ergonomics.